STAAR 2017



Make sure your staff is TRAINED and ready to go!

  • Test Administrator Manuals should be in soon.
  • Two trainings--campus/district procedures training and test security and irregularities training

Must hold by March 24 for the initial Spring testing in March

Principals and Asst. Principals MUST attend

Send me the dates you plan to train by March 3

Need Secure Storage Certifications by March 3

Campus Testing Coordinator Oaths by February 24

Scan copies of all campus test administrator and principal oaths by March 27


  • Test Specific Training - Online Test Administrator Training

STAAR Online (Directions in TA Manual) --- STAAR Alternate 2 (by March 17)

Campus Testing Coordinator Training for STAAR Alt 2 will be February 16--TBD

  • Online Modules for ALL test administrator staff (2016 was new to JISD--rotate years)

  • Oral Administration Training - anyone administering an oral admin
  • Basic Transcribing--anyone transcribing
  • Extra Day--JES only at this time
  • Any make up trainings

Record the initial trainings--for absent--must view in office with you present

Use STAAR A Practice Tests to train for Online assessments

MUSTS for Training:

  • Accessibility Features p. O-12

  • Designated Supports p. O-13 and O-14

  • Test Security and Confidentiality O-19 to O-28

2017 Test Security Supplement will not be out until March --2015 still in effect


  • Call any absent students immediately --preferably before testing begins--this can be the test administrator's responsibility prior to testing beginning.

  • Breaks--can take but time will not stop except for lunch (if needed) or emergency or medical

  • LUNCH--no student discussion/monitored by trained personnel

  • Record start and stop times on seating chart

  • Dictionary Policy as specific to each campus/grade/subject S-7

  • Calculator Policy as specific to each campus/grade/subject S-8

  • Grades 3-8--Time to test documentation

  • Communicate (orally and/or in writing) the amount of time left to test in one-hour intervals.

Time starts after test administrator has read the directions and tells their students to begin working on their tests.

  • Monitoring---This is HUGE.

Refresher Trainings:

to be provided before each administration

  • by April 28 for May Admin for EOCs

  • by May 5 for May Admin for 3-8

  • by June 16 for June Retest for 5/8

  • by June 16 for July Retest for EOCs

  • by Dec. 1 for Dec. Retest for EOCs


  • MARCH TELPAS --JES March 20/ JHS and JJHS March 21

  • MARCH 4/7 Writing -- 3/28

  • MARCH 5/8 Math -- 3/28

  • MARCH 5/8 Reading -- 3/29

  • MARCH English I and II -- 3/28 and 3/30

  • APRIL STAAR Alternate 2 -- 4/3 - 4/21

  • MAY Algebra I, Biology, US History -- 5/1-5/5

  • MAY Grades 3-8 STAAR --5/8 - 5/11

  • MAY 5/8 Reading and Math RETEST -- 5/8 - 5/9

  • JUNE 5/8 Reading and Math RETEST -- 6/20 - 6/21

  • JULY EOC RETEST -- 6/19 Eng I 6/21 Eng II 6/20, 6/22, 6/23 Alg I, Bio, US Hist

  • DECEMBER EOC RETEST -- 12/4 Eng I 12/6 Eng II 12/5, 12/7, 12/8 Alg I, Bio, US Hist

SCORES scheduled to be posted by TEA:

  • 6/14 for 4/7 Writing

  • 4/18 for 5/8 Reading & Math --MARCH Admin

  • 6/2 for EOCs ALL

  • 6/14 for May 3-8

  • 5/30 for 5/8 Reading & Math --MAY Retest

  • 7/7 for 5/8 Reading & Math --JUNE Retest

  • 7/28 for EOC --JULY Retest

Make sure your test administrators have the APPROPRIATE MANUALS!

  • Make sure you have a CAMPUS PLAN!

    • Materials check in and out
    • Cell phone plan - students and staff
    • Do you have any type of communication asking parents to encourage their children not to bring cell phones to school on the days of testing?
    • Monitoring during testing--classrooms/halls/bathrooms/administrative staff
    • Cafeteria plan
    • Custodial plan - let them know of any special requests or needs
    • Test administrator relief
    • Parents know about campus changes for these days (closed campus, lunch deliveries, etc.)
    • Calculators & dictionaries (Jr High/High School)

    Make sure your online test administrators have logins for either system.

    • I will need to know who your online test administrators are so I can set them up in the TAMS system.

    Are you prepared for the LOGISTICS of testing?

    Are you prepared for the LOGISTICS of testing?

    Secure Testing Materials Storage Certification SIGNED and RETURNED by March 3, 2017

    Make sure you verify TESTING and ACCOMMODATIONS information with special programs.

    • Special Education decisions
    • 504 decisions
    • LEP decisions

    Are there any other Testing Accommodations information which needs to be collected from classroom teachers??

    Set up all test sessions
    • Set up testing rooms
    • Assign students to rooms
    • Assign teachers as test administrators

    Verify pre-coded data with current information.
    • ECD status
    • LEP status
    • GT status
    • SE status
    • Birthdates, social security numbers, names
    • Make note of new or withdrawn students

    Make plans with PEIMS personnel for "New to Texas" documentation.

    • Keep a master list for the year. (Bring copy of list when returning scoreable materials.)
    • Create a system for someone to notify you of new students.
    • Info will be submitted to state at time of testing

    Make arrangements for additional staff to cover all of your test day needs.

    • Teachers from other classes.
    • Rearranging classrooms or labs and schedules
    • Displacing classrooms

    Are your MATERIALS ready?

    When materials arrive, verify your order is correct.

    • Verify and return signed packing slip within 24 hours of receipt.
    • Make sure you received the appropriate number of answer documents.
    • Document the actual number of answer documents that you receive for each test. Include extra blanks from the back of the precode packet and any blanks included with a large print booklet.

    Assign student test booklets .
    • Make sure you assign Form 1 booklets to oral administration groups.
    • Assign the test administrator a booklet for an oral administration group.
    • Suggestion: Print labels for student booklets (Remind staff that students must STILL write their names on their booklet as that is part of their instructions)

    Make sure you are attaching the correct label to the correct booklet.

    Prepare your TEST TUBS. Be sure to include:

    • Answer Documents
    • Test Booklets
    • Testing Do Not Disturb Sign
    • Restroom pass
    • Test Day instructions
    • Cell Phone documentation - envelope, form, etc.
    • Seating Chart/Materials Control
    • Lunch counts (if applicable)
    • Attendance Roster
    • Accommodations Roster
    • Pencils
    • Student specific accommodations - Supplemental Aids, Manipulatives, Colored Overlays, etc.
    • Griddable Question Student Documents (for transcribing only)
    • Calculators or Dictionaries (if required)
    • Student Authorization Tickets (for online testing)
    • Online Testing Instructions (coming soon)
    Shake it off (Take the STAAR)

    Are you ready for TEST DAY?

    Make plans for checking materials out.

    • Determine which staff will assist in this process.

    Make plans for extended day testers.

    • Lunch
    • Combining or moving classrooms

    Make sure your rooms are ready:

    • Use forms or checklists that work for your campus
    • Desks facing same direction (Elementary??)
    • Materials removed from desks
    • Phones OFF
    • Computers OFF
    • Instructional materials covered
    • Leave a checklist of things that need to be corrected

    Make plans for monitoring to be documented.

    • Monitors can be principals, APs, CTCs, district office personnel
    • Post a monitoring sheet next to each room.

    If something doesn't go as planned...

    • Incident Documentation Form (I will provide a link)
    • Get forms completed by staff or students before they leave that day, if possible.
    • Paperwork should be completed and returned by the next working school day, if possible.

    Are you ready for it to be OVER?!?

    Verify all answer documents have been returned.

    • Alpha list, by teacher, by master TXEIS list, precode list -however you prefer

    Verify all booklets have been returned.

    • In numeric order. (Will let you know if this changes.)
    • Group them by test.
    • Form 1 booklets do not need to be separated.

    Make arrangements for make up testers.

    Get materials ready for return.

    • Work with team to double/triple check documents (score codes, hand bubbled demographics, form numbers, correct count of scoreable documents).
    • Bundle documents for return - class and campus ID sheets.
    • Place post it between every 25 documents for final counts.
    • Count blank documents & voided documents to ensure your final count matches your original total of answer documents.
    • Make sure correct accommodations are bubbled on answer documents.

    Enter accommodations into online system. (DTC)

    • STAAR Online

    Shred the following:

    • Student authorization letters
    • Typed or handwritten responses that were transcribed
    • Any scratch paper, formula charts, etc. that have student work or notes

    Prepare all documentation for returning to district

    • See district packet
    • List of students and test they took.
    • New to Texas list of students.

    Bundle documentation

    • Packing lists & barcoded pages (from packets) - by administration
    • Seating chart/materials control page - by grade and subject
    • Use all those extra paper bands to bundle these materials!

    Organize other documentation to keep on campus:

    • accommodations masters
    • monitoring forms
    • cell phone forms
    • attendance information

    After last administration - I will need:

    • Copy of all oaths
    • Copy of sign in sheets from all trainings
    Pass the Test