Zachary Elementary School

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News From the Principal

In November, I participated in the Zachary Gleaux Run. The night was damp and the mosquitos had signed up for the run in great numbers. It’s bad when you are losing your breath as you run, but it’s even worse when you’re losing blood as well! Although at my age I don’t consider myself a runner, I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. This could be my downfall someday!. I think I finished second when compared to the ZES staff in the 5K run! I guess I should tell you there were only 2 in the 5k run (second sounds better than last). I have made it my goal to always look for life lessons as I travel this earth. Here’s what I learned from my experience in the Gleaux Run this year: Whatever journey you are on (career, family, education, sickness, or sorrow) I have found it more fulfilling to share it with others. I had a great time talking before the race with friends, parents, students, and members of the community. I cheered on those that ran the race before mine. During the 5K race, I had the privilege of talking to one of my students (between gasps for breath). He was turning 10 the next day and told me that he felt pretty good running this race (which was his first). I gasped between words and secretly wondered where the nearest defibrillator might be located. I told him I would be 54 on my birthday, and I was feeling pretty rough. We encouraged one another and kept running. I think this would be a great lesson to teach our children. On our journeys of life, take time to share with others and celebrate with them (even if you find yourself gasping for breath). Encourage one another. We all need it at times. I wouldn’t trade those couple of miles of fragmented conversation (not even for the oxygen mask I was so desperately craving). In almost every journey, we can make a connection with others. Now that I think about it, I was ten once. I don’t remember all my connections, I do remember that my body worked a little better at ten. Enjoy the races of your life, and when possible, take others along!