Pacific Ridge Principal's Update

Week of Monday, December 7th- Friday, December 11th

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Virtual Classroom Presentation

We are learning how to do many things differently this year...including classroom presentations!

Many of our classes have been participating in virtual presentations through the Columbia River Maritime Museum! Prior to the presentation, CRMM mails a packet of supplies to each student in the classroom so they can work together on the experiment.

Last week in Mrs. Garrigues 4th grade classroom they learned about Wind Energy. Ms. Kelly taught students about how wind turbines work, and the students got to create their own wind turbines at home!

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Holiday Dress up days

Next Week!

Our teachers will be dressing up next week for their live Zoom classes. Students are invited to join us in the fun!

Monday, December 14th - Christmas Colors & Hats/Accessories

Tuesday, December 15th - Favorite Christmas Sweater/facemask

Wednesday, December 16th - Character Day

Thursday, December 17th - Plaid/Flannel Shirt Day

Friday, December 18th - Pajama Day

Our Happiness Poem

Mrs. Collin's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Collins 5th grade class created this happiness poem together. Each student added what makes them happy! In a year of so many challenges and disappointments, it's sometimes easy to get bogged down in the negative. This poem is an awesome reminder of all of the things that make her fifth graders happy!

Our Happiness Poem

Happiness is painting a sunset,

Happiness is climbing a tree,

Happiness is being on the class meeting every day,

Happiness is playing a sport you love,

Happiness is getting a 100 on you math test,

Happiness is everywhere, you just need to open your heart.

Happiness is having a family

Happiness is having nice things

Happiness is being loved and cared for

Happiness is petting one of my cats

Happiness is playing with my dad

Happiness is also playing with my cat.

Happiness is getting a new car

Happiness is getting a new video game

Happiness is running around a track in a car.

Happiness is a smile.

Happiness is loving.

Happiness is a relationship of two people in love.

Happiness is helping others

happiness is love

Happiness is important

Happiness is petting a puppy.

Happiness is an ice cream with a cherry coating

with lot and lot of sprinkles

Happiness is your favorite hobby.

Happiness is dreams coming true.

Happiness is thinking positive and joyful.

Happiness is the sound of laughter from someone important to you.

Happiness is kind to others.

Happiness is CORONAVIRIS going away.

Happiness is a leisurely Sunday drive down a peaceful country road

Happiness is dining out at a very special place on a very special day

Happiness is helping someone from deep in your heart

Happiness is my family.

Happiness is to my friends.

We all share happiness and that's the end.

Happiness is all my stuffed animals.

Happiness is my dogs coming to cuddle with me.

Happiness is my family to be there for me.

Happiness is rainbows and sunshine

Happiness is having a delicious dessert after an amazing dinner

Happiness is my friends laughter

Happiness is when you’re surfing with your friends

Happiness is when you’re skating with your friends on a bright sunny day

Happiness is when two people fall in love on a cruise in the sunset

Happiness is hanging out with friends on a Saturday night .

Happiness is cookies and milk while watching your favorite show .

Happiness is whatever you want happiness to be .

Happiness is sharing even when you don't have enough for yourself.

Happiness is a beam of sun on a cloudy day reaching down to warm a heart.

Happiness is a picnic in the park with all the best desserts.

Happiness is being with my family through thick and thin.

Happiness is the crashing of the waves when I am out on the water

Happiness is the warmness of my cozy bed after a long day

Happiness is playing with my dog and chasing bunnies.

Happiness is two people playing at a park on a cloudy day.

Happiness is splashing in mud puddles on a rainy fall day.

Happiness is swimming on a scorching hot day.

Happiness is running around in the yard.

Happiness is catching a big salmon.

Happiness is a new year.

Virtual Parent Chat

Tuesday, December 15th

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 15, from 6:00-7:00pm, for a virtual chat with our superintendent and principals to answer any questions you may have about online learning/teaching and our eventual shift to hybrid onsite instruction.

In addition, Vincent Aarts, Emergency Manager for Clatsop County Health Department will be available to share the latest health information and answer questions. A zoom link will be sent as we get closer to this date.

*We are working to schedule a Spanish version of this presentation as well. I will share that date and time once it is scheduled.

Feedback Needed!

Comprehensive Distance Learning/Online Thrive Survey

Pacific Ridge Families,

It's hard to believe that we are entering the start of our 2nd Trimester of the school year in Online Thrive and Comprehensive Distance Learning. We'd really like your feedback!

Please complete the short survey linked below if you have not already done so. We want to learn, grow and provide the best possible online learning experience for your child and family.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us!

Elementary English Survey

Elementary Spanish Survey

Zoom Parent Teacher Conferences are here!

Thursday, December 10th & Friday, December 11th

Parent teacher conferences for the end of first trimester start tomorrow afternoon!

Thursday, December 10th ~ Zoom Parent Teacher Conferences from 2:00PM-8:00PM

Friday, December 11th ~ Zoom Parent Teacher Conferences from 8:00AM-12:00PM

Families who are participating in the Comprehensive Distance Learning/Hybrid school option, please click this link to sign up for a Zoom conference for each of your children.

***If you're having trouble accessing your conference, you can use your child's Chromebook to login as your child (with their password or QR code) and click on their teacher's Zoom link to get to the Parent Teacher conference!

Families participating in the Online Thrive school option will not have Zoom conferences at this time. Your supervising teacher, Ms. Alice Stewart, is working on report cards and these will be mailed out at the end of the trimester. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Our teachers are looking forward to meeting with each of you to share your child's progress & report card!

Winter Trimester

Students Transferring to Comprehensive Distance Learning

Students who are transferring to Comprehensive Distance Learning from our Online Thrive school option will begin classes (live Zoom lessons) with their new class and teacher on Tuesday, December 8th. Please click this link to sign up for a Zoom conference for each of your children.

Your child will also need the CDL supplies. We have these ready for pick-up in our office from 8:00AM-4:00PM daily. Please call the office if you have questions about the supplies.

Parents were sent an email and text with their teacher's name and a link to sign up for a conference with the teacher. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office. If you did not receive an email or text, please let us know. We may need to update your information in our system.

Calendar Reminders

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • Thursday, December 10th & Friday, December 11th ~ Zoom Parent Teacher Conferences. Sign up here: link
  • Friday, December 11th ~ No School due to Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Tuesday, December 15th ~ ZOOM Parent Virtual Chat @ 6:00-7:00 PM
  • Monday, December 21st- Friday, January 1st ~ Winter Break ~ No School

Live Zoom Sessions for Thursday & Friday

Week of Monday, December 7th- Friday, December 11th

  • On Thursday, there will be a regular school day from 8:30-1:00 and then Zoom parent teacher conferences will begin at 2:00PM. If your student has a small group in the afternoon, they will not be happening on this day due to conferences.
  • On Friday, December 11th, there is also no school due to parent teacher conferences.

Transportation Planning for Hybrid onsite instruction

Arrival and Dismissal

All families with students participating in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)/Hybrid will need to complete this form. Please click on the link below so that we know how your child will be getting to school and going home. Please complete this transportation form for each of your children who attend Pacific Ridge Elementary.

Even if you plan to drop off and pick up your child daily, we need this form completed so that we can take your child off of that bus route. This will make room for another child to ride the bus. We are restricted to a small amount of students who can ride the bus at one time.

Thank you!

Tips for Improving your INternet

Tips from Mrs. Whisler

Tips to Improve Your Internet Service

With so many of us depending on the internet (wifi, hotspots and phone data) for work, school, and connecting with family and friends it is good to do a check-up on how well our home network is set up. Here are some excellent articles that list many free and low cost ways to get the best possible download speeds and use of the bandwidth we have to work with, especially with multiple users, and devices that may be taking up internet bandwidth when you are unaware.

11 Ways to Make Your Wifi Faster

Another idea is to use the scan tool at the far end of this article to figure out where your home has the best download speed. My office had 3Mbps but my living room near my modem had 15Mbps!!!! I found my provider in the list and walked around testing inside my house and out. Ideas for apartments are also listed.

Boost Your Wifi

My advice is to search your home for your old ethernet cable and hardwire your most important user directly to your modem. That’s right, skip the wifi! Ethernet cables are available in short and long (50 feet!) lengths and start at about $6.00. If you aren’t sure what the ends look like give a search on Amazon or Best Buy for an example.

13 Ways to Boost Your Speed

Finally, I plan to move my internet equipment out of the corner of my room. Since it is sending the signal in a circle pattern a huge percent of mine is going right out the walls and the roof. Luckily I have a password on my wifi and my hotspot so no one can use that signal without my permission and slow me down. Also, I am more aware that easy to use products like bluetooth doorbells/security, bluetooth light controls or printers, etc are all constantly searching and using my wifi. Removing or turning off unnecessary devices until I need them might help too.

If you are paying for the internet then it really ought to work. Checking with your ISP (internet service provider) is always a good idea and they can help you with tips that can help you help yourself!

Good Luck,

Mrs. Whisler

Help for the holidays

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid Onsite Instruction

When will Hybrid Onsite instruction begin?

Our School Board has approved a plan to move from CDL to Hybrid/Onsite starting on Tuesday, December 8th if the metrics allow it. Unfortunately, due to high COVID-19 case count numbers in Clatsop county, we do not currently meet the metrics to return to hybrid onsite instruction on December 8th. However, we are still planning for hybrid onsite instruction so that when we do meet the metrics we can bring our students back in person as soon as it is safe to do so.

What is a cohort?

A cohort is a group of students & staff who come in contact with each other within a day or week. Our guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education requires our school to establish and maintain stable cohorts. Each cohort must have a system to ensure that contact tracing can be completed so daily individual student cohort logs are required.

What will Hybrid look like at Pacific Ridge?

In Hybrid/Onsite instruction, students will attend in A/B cohorts. Our A/B cohorts will be divided by the alphabet: Last names A-L will be assigned to the "A" cohort. Last names M-Z will be in the "B" cohort. The "A" cohort will attend onsite on Mondays & Tuesdays from 8:00AM-2:30PM and the "B" cohort will attend onsite on Thursdays & Fridays from 8:00AM-2:30PM. On the days students are not onsite they will have assignments posted in Seesaw. To keep cohorts stable, classes will have recess in playground zones, eat lunch and breakfast in their rooms, and participate in special classes (Example: music, guidance, etc.) in their rooms.

What if I want my child to stay in CDL but not come back “on-site”?

Students currently enrolled in the CDL program are expected to return to Hybrid/Onsite instruction when it is safe to do so. If you would like your child to continue in CDL we are currently determining if staffing will allow for this option. You can also choose to enroll your child into the Online Thrive program. Upon enrollment into our Online Thrive program students will be expected to start at the beginning of Trimester #2 instructional level with their same aged peers.

What if my child is in a “community pod” with other students with different last names?

If your child is working within a small community pod of other students, please let us know. We will do our best to have students in these pods placed in the same cohort so that they will be attending onsite on the same days.

What will bus transportation look like?

In preparation for a possible return to Hybrid/Onsite instruction for the Winter Trimester, please complete this transportation form for each of your children who attend Pacific Ridge Elementary. In order to maintain stable cohorts, students riding the bus to school and/or home from school will be picked up and dropped off at the same location.

What will health and safety look like?

The Oregon Health Authority and Clatsop County Health Authority have worked with our district to set safe building protocols. We are continuing to revise our operational blueprint to meet county and statewide requirements.

COVID-19 Updates (OHA)

COVID-19 Weekly Report (OHA)

For more information, please visit our School District website:

Pacific Ridge Elementary School

Our office is now open 8-4PM at our newly remodeled Pacific Ridge Elementary School office!