What we have done

By: Breanna Williams

Bell work

So far this year we have done bell wok every morning and the teacher told us how our format should go and where we can find the matirals we will need to finish that specific bell work for that morning. Some examples of are bell work will always be in our bell work binder with all the other bell work we have done.
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The brown bomer

Also so far we have read a article called the brown bomer the brown bomer was a really good story it was about a person who liked and was good a wrestling and someone decided to go against him and that person won and then you will have to find it and read it yourself. We used the brown bomer to help us make predictions in reading using reading strategies
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One thing

One thing I like about 6th grade is that all the teachers are organized and nice and neat so that way they can always find our stuff or what we are doing that week because they keep it on the board because it is on the board we should always know what we will need for the next day. And on the front board you can always find the objective.
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