EDpuzzle in Your Classroom

Professional Development

Why take this PD?

Videos are great to use in the classroom. But, do you ever feel like they just don't cut it? Wouldn't they be better with your own personal touch to address your students?

EDpuzzle is a free video editing tool that allows you to personalize videos to suit your classroom.

You can crop the videos.

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You can add audio notes and questions for students to answer to check their understanding of the video.

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You can track student progress and assess their individual outcomes from the embedded questions.

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What will you gain from this PD?

  • You will learn how to create edited videos.
  • You will use the videos to help build interactive and enhanced lessons that prepare your students for the 21st Century.
  • You will work collaboratively to help build a resource portfolio with your colleagues that contains videos and lesson ideas.
  • You will learn how to setup your classroom on EDpuzzle and to track individual student progress and results.