Mrs. Skjoiten's Peek of the Week

October 17th - 21st (MEA break)

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Camper of the Week: Jonah

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Savage Firefighters teaching us about Fire Safety

Mrs. Yetzer reading us a CARES story about Cooperation


Students learned how to prepare to meet with their reading partner to discuss what they read in their Scholastic News and books they've been reading during independent reading time. To make sure we are always thinking when we read, students get to underline, circle or write questions in their Scholastic News to share with their partner. During independent reading time we use post-it notes to capture our thinking.

We also spent time this week retelling the beginning, middle and end of stories we've finished.

Check out the videos below modeling how we use post-it notes to prepare to talk with our reading partners!
2016 2017 009
2016 2017 010

Word Work

Your student began word work last week. Students were grouped based on the spelling skills they need. Ask your kiddo who their teacher is for word work! We write down our words each week in our planner so you can see what words/spelling skills your student is currently working on. It is not required that you practice the words with your student since we spend each day in class studying/practicing our words.

Have your kiddo brush up on their adjective skills with the activity below!

Making weather tools in our Maker Space

Students were given a challenge of creating a weather tool that would either show wind speed/wind direction or collect rain to show how much rain fell at a time. We planned, designed and created our ideas and then when outside to test them. We found out that many tools needed to be modified so they can withstand outdoor elements like wind and rain.

Thank you for all the donations you sent it to make this project work! The kids love being engineers!

Have a Science Museum membership?

We will be going on our first field trip on November 22nd to the Science Museum. If you have a membership, please email me with your membership details so we can get your child in at a discounted price (still a busing fee).