Don't do tobacco

Using tobacco can be harmful

Tobacco is really bad for you, Why it is bad is because tobacco can lead to many illnesses and also can cause many different

  • cancers,
  • lung diseases,
  • heart disease, and many other health problems to your body.
It makes your body function different and when you start getting addicted to it, your not gonna wanna stop! It makes your lungs and respiratory system really bad and they will start moving slower and it could lead you to a death.

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Avoid using tobacco!

You really should try to avoid tobacco, Why I think you should avoid using tobacco is because it just is really bad for your body, If you have kids they will always be breathing it in and it will be bad for them, its also really bad for you to be putting in your body. If you start to avoid tobacco it will make you stronger, and healthier, It would be so much better for your body. At first it may be hard, because you have gotten so addicted to it but once you stop you will realize how much better your body will be, and you will probably live a better longer life.

The risks

There are so many risks you will take from doing tobacco. Some risks could be losing your children, maybe they couldn't handle always breathing in the smoke, some other risks may be losing friends and family they may not wanna always be around you because they don't like when you smoke or they don't wanna breathe it in. Another big risk is losing your self, one day you may stop breathing because your lungs are really bad. You just may lose many things in your life from smoking, and one day you'll regret it.