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over half 52 percent of young people report being cyber bullied. 2 Cyber bully radar 25 report that they have experince.3 they reported via in their cellphone or the internet.

statistics 2

Don't respond if some one bully you remember if some one bully you . And then the bully turns you into one of a bullies.


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tips about bullying

Do not respond to a bully if some one bully you you will remember all of it and never be gone you will always remember . Then it will turn you into one and bully some body else. Stop bulling cause if you don't the whole world would be one.


Cyber bullying tips from online cts safelx

bullying vs cyber bullying

If you are being cyber bullying you can hide from the person. IF you being bully you can't hide from the person.


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denfinition of a up stnder

An upstander is an individval wrong and acts.


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