Greek Cultural Contributions



Greek architecture is know for its columns . there are three types of columns: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. other types of Greek art include pottery, sculptures, and paintings. Every city-state had a temple that was dedicated to a specific god. they went there to worship or leave sacrifices . some leaders like Pericles and Alexander the Great spread the Greek architecture throughout Europe.

We see Greek influence in architecture today in important buildings. The white house, Capitol building, Supreme court, and Lincoln memorial.


The Greek government was a democracy that allowed slaves. The leader could be any free male. At the beginning of Greek democracy it was a 10 year term that shortened to 6 years then again shortened to 1 year terms. The Greeks kept slaves to do work. Some of the wars the took place were The First Persian war, The Archdiocesan war, The Peloponnesian war, The Sicilian war, and The Donlan war.

Here are some ways we see Greek government in our own. EX: We are a democracy, We have to be 18 to vote, and we have terms.


Greece had many philosophers here are some of them Archimedes, Aristotle, Thales. They had many ideas here are some: Solon made the democracy, Pythagoras made the Pythagorean theorem. they wrote Odyssey and Iliad of Medea. They tried to answer why the stars, planets, and constellations are here. They were often executed.

we have geometry, pi, and we use the Pythagorean theorem.


There were 12 main god Poseidon god of the ocean and storms, Zeus god of lightning, Hades god of the underworld and precious metals/jewels, Athena goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, Artemis goddess of the hunt, Apollo god of music, Aphrodite goddess of love/beauty, Ares god of war Hephaestus god of fire and black smiths Dionysus god of wine Hermes god of messages, Hera goddess of marriage. there are also hundreds of minor gods/goddesses.

Mythology was made to explain the unexplained. Some of the heroes in mythology were Hercules and Odysseus. The people who made mythology were Apollodorus of Athens. according to Greek mythology when a person died they would go to the underworld and be judged by three spirits of kings Rhadamanthus, Minos, and Aeacus to decide if they would go to the fields of punishment if they were a bad person, the fields of asphodel if they were a decent person, Elysium if the were a hero, or if a hero was good enough the would be reborn three times.

Here are some examples of Greek mythology today EX: Percy Jackson: the lightning thief, Percy Jackson: Sea of monsters, Percy Jackson: The titans curse, Percy Jackson: Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy Jackson: The last Olympian, The heroes of Olympus : The lost hero ,Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune, Heroes of Olympus: Mark of Athena, Heroes of Olympus: House of Hades, Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus.


Only free male Greeks could participate in sports. They had running, long jump, shot put, wrestling, and boxing. Only unmarried women, free male Greeks, rulers, and gods could watch. they were an important part of Greece.

We have the Olympics, and any of the same sports like shot put.