Current population: 53.83 million people

Current population age and gender : 0-14 13.8% (male 4,340,943, female 4,154,547)

15-24 9.8% (male 3,046,202, female 3,028,190) 25-54 43% (male 13,107,098, female 13,405,812) 55-64 12.4% (male 3,703,329, female 3,942,261) 65 and over 21% (male 5,548,047, female 7,403,047)

Average life expectancy: 82.03 yrs.

Population distributed: Urban

How has the population changed over time: It gained more people over the years and mostly babies.

Future of the population: More babies and a higher populations over all.

How secure is each country's food supply: 69.9 % secure for food.

How does this effect the populations: Its a good chance to get food. Maybe some areas than others will have a low food supply but its mostly okay and good.

Significant health care concerns changes ( war, disease, famine): Air pollution from industrial emissions such as sulfur dioxide coastal and inland rivers polluted from industrial and agricultural effluents.

Current events that are causing problems/concerns facing the population of each country: Air pollution and young birth rates , younger teens are giving birth and that is a problem because Italy could run out of food and space. Mostly the air pollution is not good for anybody.

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Current Population: 29,996,731

Current Population age and gender: 0-14: 34% ( Male: 1,701,559/Female 1,693,236)

15-24: 21.6% ( Male 1,078,994/Female 1,081,005) 25-54: 35.3% (Male 1,755,722/Female 1,770.386) 55-64: 5% (Male 241,174/Female 263,369) 65 and over : ( Male 183,627/Female 227,659.

Life Expectancy: Male: 61.77 yrs. Female: 64.6 yrs.

Population distributed : Urban

How has the population changed ? It has dropped ever since that big earthquake in 2010, a lot of lives were lost.

Future of the population: Will probably get bigger , more people will have more babies. Although thousands died in 2010 from the earthquake.

Food Supply: Not so well, some of the farms going to end soon. It may cause a drop in the death rate because they might starve to death,

Significant Health care concerns: HIV/AIDS

Current events that are causing changes: No war , but HIV/AIDS polluted water and food.

Most significant environmental problems/concerns facing the population : HIV/AIDS is the thing that is killing hurting people the most, if the mother has it and a baby is born form her the baby automatically has it.

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