Chine Is CHARGing Their Devices!

How are we using technology in our school?

What are we, the "Chine Chargers," using in our classrooms?

Within our 7 classrooms, we are incorporating available school technology. This includes:

2 carts of 30 laptops

17 desktops (in the lab)

SMARTboard or Mimio, whiteboard, connected to a laptop and projector in each classroom

5 iPads

BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device") is also encouraged as regularly as possible.

We will continue to make the purchase of new technology a priority here at Chine Drive. In addition, our teachers will focus on technology professional development and will be supported by our Technology Lead Teacher, Mrs. Sirbos.

We Strive to Become Paperless Classrooms

We are a platinum-certified Eco School. We strive to use less paper so that we can continue to preserve the environment. As we integrate daily technology into our classrooms, we are shaping 21st century learners. Teachers can create virtual classrooms, where students can view video clips, read articles and text, and then respond by creating an assignment on their device. This assignment can then be submitted to the teacher electronically, taking away our need for photocopied worksheets and booklets.

All students across the TDSB now have email accounts which are linked to Google. They can email each other, and use all Google Apps for Education (GAFE) to connect and collaborate, with both their peers and teachers. Please click on the link below to learn more about what Google Apps we are using in our classrooms.

Apps, Software and Sites

There is a plethora of software, websites and iPad applications that we use within our classrooms to facilitate 21st century learning. Students also have search engines and educational resources at their fingertips within our school library web page. Examples of these resources can be found in the links below.

Differentiated Instruction

Technology is so conducive to differentiated instruction. Within all schools, all learners are different. They can be visual, tactile, kinesthetic, or auditory learners, just to name a few. All students have various learning needs, and all students' needs can be met using technology. A student with a particular learning need can complete the same assignment as a student who needs a little more challenge. They will look vastly different but nonetheless, learning takes place according to each particular student's needs. Speech-to-text and text-to-speech software and apps can be used for everyone.