Chapter 7

Brittany Hogan

section 1

Adults go though stages of adulthood. Men and women's stages vary. Men have many different stages. Women only have 3. Both men an women's stages including leaving their parents, choosing an occupation, and setting goals.
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section 2

Working in the United States has changed a lot. More women and minorities have began to get more jobs. Also the type of job has changed, it is more professional jobs, office work, sales, and service jobs, rather than farming and manufacturing.

Section 3

Older people are at the point of there lives where they can retire. People who are more prepared for retirement will enjoy it more. older people sometimes have a hard time to adjust to retirement. The adjustment of retirement depends on many things like there income and health. Retired people also have to deal the dependency and death. Dependency is often hard to deal with after being independent for a long time. Death on the other had is easy to early with due to the fact that older people don't have much more to live for. there are many opportunitys retired people can take advantage of and many programs to get into to help retirement happy.