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Let's play a game of free jewellery

One game, everyone can play, and you choose £75 of free Stella & Dot accessories?

First pick ANY three things from our entire collection at 40% discount. And now, let me give you £75 to spend on any Stella & Dot accessories. Still with me? Here's a free silver bracelet as well. Great news. This isn't a game. Woo hoo! I can actually give this to you RIGHT NOW. It's actually what my hostesses receive, on average, just for having a fun Style Session with friends over the Christmas period.

Whether it's over coffee or prosecco, I'd love to host a style session in October for you. Up for it ? No wonder. This is the month when we all start to think about Christmas shopping. My next free dates are October 18, 19, 25 or 27. Choose one. It's that simple. I do everything for you x

It's no different from having a few friends round for coffee or wine, except I'm there to entertain you as an added bonus (hopefully) lol :-) Message me today and let's book in a date.

Text or call me 0791 293 7224

Email or connect with me on facebook

PS Don't leave it too late - my diary is starting to get manic xxx

Help! I want it all.

If your eyes are as wide as saucers right now and your jaw has dropped, and there's not enough room to max out your credit card, we have a solution....

Would you like another £1,000 in cash earnings between now and Christmas? What would you spend it on? A holiday, shoes, the kids, a special present for a special man, a new wardrobe, clear the debt?

As you can imagine, Christmas is the busiest time of the year in retail. And we need you!

Stella & Dot is not sold on the High Street for a few reasons. We like our exclusivity, we like to work the hours we choose (not the hours we are told to open), and our customers (including celebs) love the fact we offer a personal shopping service at home.

For that reason, we have a team of Independent Stylists that sell our accessories in the UK. We give you an online shop fully stocked with all our items and whenever you sell anything you earn between 25-35% profit on everything you sell from day one. There is no minimum you have to sell. No pressure. No fuss. Just fun.

If you want to showcase our gorgeous New-York designed collections by taking our jewellery to people's homes, even better. We know you will sell more when people try it on. But if you prefer to just run an online business from home, that is fine too. You are the boss of your own life! That's what I love about this business and the reason I've been an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot for five years.

If you want to promote and work your way up the career ladder and turn this from a hobby into a part-time or full-time job, we can offer that too. The sky is your limit.

If you're thinking. Yes ! I want this! I need some extra cash right now... read on...

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Become a Stylist. Choose £400 free accessories


If you wanted to sign up and give it a go, all you would have to do is click here today and follow the simple steps.

For a £169 sign up fee, you choose £400 of free accessories for you to showcase to customers, wear and keep forever.

This is an extra £100! Usually new stylists only get £300 of free accessories. But in October this has been increased to £400. There has never been an offer as generous as this in the entire history of Stella & Dot!!! So your timing is perfect, especially with Christmas on the horizon as it’s crazy busy in retail at this time of year. And very easy to make your money back, just by hosting a little shopping spree with friends.

You would receive your jewellery and business start-up package within 3-5 days. For 30 days you would also receive 50% off any further stock you want to buy for one month!!! Imagine the Christmas shopping you could do at half price !!!! And in your first 60 days in business you have the opportunity to earn £1000s in free jewellery as well as your cash earnings.

The best bit is that you can wear our accessories in everyday life - whether it's out with friends, at work, in the office, or out to the shops. You're a real life model and walking advert for our jewellery, sunglasses and handbags....

The only commitment from you is £169 for the business set up. What business could you set up for that? There really is nothing to lose. In fact, you get that back anyway - in the form of £400 of free accessories for you to choose and keep. It's a great way to showcase the different quality and styles - because customers always fall in love with our jewellery once they try it on.

You also receive marketing materials, brochures, leaflets, display materials, a ring sizer and everything you need to run your little flexible, part time business as a Stella & Dot stylist.

In addition, you will have an online shop / website free for two months . And after this you can choose to cancel or keep for £10 a month or just £80 a year.

Your shop is fully stocked with every single one of our New-York designed, celebrity-loved products. But you don't carry the risk of having to buy it all in. Just feel free to share your website with whoever likes the jewellery.


Celebrity's love us

About the brand...

I'm not sure how much you know about the brand, so here's a quick summary....

The business first came to the UK six years ago. Our design studio is based in New York (next to Chanel) and handbags in San Francisco. Since we launched in the UK, we have been extremely well received by the fashion press and celebrities alike - we have appeared in the world's leading magazines Vogue, Marie Claire, Red Magazine, Instyle, Hello, Ok etc and we have also been named in the Financial Times as one of the best business opportunities in the UK - for our low risk and quick profit approach.

We have a vast celebrity customer base - ranging from Cheryl Cole and Paris Hilton to Katy Perry, Penelope Cruz to Cameron Diaz, Spice Girl Mel B, The Kardashians, Davina McCall, Jennifer Aniston and even the Royal family!