Instruments hit the Barque Era hard

by Kenny Hank

Instrumental music becomes more popular.

As we enter the baroque era the theme of instrumental music has risen allowing us to here the delicate sound these tools of life produce.

Instruments used:

The instruments used in the barque era were mainly strings such as the lute, violin, viola, cello and bass. Brass instruments were used but were not the main focus of the piece, these were things like the trumpet and the horn.

Equal Temperment Impact on the Era

Equal Temperate tuning affected the great Baroque Era by allowing musicians to match a songs melody exactly, allowing symphony s to grow and music become more organized. Without this tool Instruments would not grow and maybe they would not be where they are today since this is one of the first models of the system we use separating the pieces into 12 octane components allowing the musicians to coordinate what octane to play for the melody. Without this tool music would still be mainly percussion and strings would still be a novelty to play. This era may have produced more precise music then we have today due to the more complex and detailed Octanes in each there is a semitone and in each semitone their are 100 cents allowing musicians to tune their instruments to the 1/1200 octane, doing this would have given them the ability to produce highly complex pieces with each instrument sounding a tiny but different then the other covering a wide range of tones producing an extremely colorful picture. The tuning system also allowed for a more mechanical instrument, the piano. Each key of the piano played a different temperate of the octave allowing the piano to play multiple pieces of the symphony, however the piano even with its capability could not replace the gentle sounding string instruments that formed much more natural music. Without this tuning system the baroque era may not have occurred and the era would have just been to same old vocal based music, operas would dominate and music would have had a boring sense for the next hundred years. Hopefully this tuning system can be further studied by modern day people, allowing more and more respect for the cause of the baroque era and maybe even modern day music performances.