The story of John Wilkes Booth

Created By:Deontae B

"When he crawled out of bed"Pg 9

This quote is both because he is depressed.It might not show that he is depressed, it show his actions.

"Booth knew the layout of Fords theatre." Pg 14

This quote is indirect because it does show his emotion.You know this because his thoughts affect his reason to kill Lincoln.

"Photograph of five of his favorite girlfriends"

This quote is indirect because it doesn't say that he is flirtiuos.

My Prediction

My prediction of John Wilkes Booth is that he will be killed by the end the story. The character trait depressed because he had crawled out bed. The character trait is flirtiest because he had 5 girlfriend at once. The other character trait is determined because he really wants to kill Lincoln.
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