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We Have a New Name To Love In Our Class

Room 116 is lucky to update our name list. Mrs. McDevitt now has 24 names that she loves the way they sound on her tongue. We are up to 13 boys and 11 girls. If you come to Thursday's party, be sure to meet our new friend and tell her how excited you are that she became a member of Room 116.

Another Addition to Our Classroom

Not only did we get a new student this week but also a new learning tool. Mrs. McDevitt has always wanted a light table in her classroom. Thanks to the many generous donors from donorschoose.org, Room 116 has a light table. More learning tools will arrive in January but we have plenty right now to become learners of light. This slideshow will show you the excitement and concentration that results when a light table comes to first grade,
Light Table
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Learning New Traditions

Room 116 learned a new game involving Dreidels. What a sweet time we had playing, even if maybe we didn't follow the true rules. We are always excited to learn something new so if your family has something special then please share it with the rest of us.

Getting Advice From Other Writers

We are busy becoming writers of "How To" writing. One of the way to become a stronger writer is to work with other writers. We spent time last week listening to "How To" books written by our classmates. We gave "I like" comments and "Have you thought of" suggestions. Like anything else in life, the more you write the better you will become at writing.
How To Writing Partners
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Responsibility is Part of Being in Room 116

We have an expectation in Room 116 that there will be times when we are messy. Messes are expected but we are also expected to clean up our messes. Here is a link if you need guidance on age appropriate expectations for chores within your family. http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/parenting-challenges/motivating-kids-to-clean-up/age-appropriate-chores
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Patience Pays Off

The group above has been very patient waiting for their turn to do a readers' theater play. Last week was their week to create their backdrop. They worked hard on their costumes and continued with great effort at performing in front of their peers. Enjoy the slideshow of the behind the scenes work and the actual performance. Pete the Cat is a wonderful character to emulate because he reminds the reader that very few things in life are worth getting upset about. Instead just keep walking along and singing your song.
Groovy White New Shoes
Groovy Cats Love Their Brand New Shoes

Information for this upcoming week

Mrs. McDevitt will be assessing the sight words this week: good, why, big, fly, his, new, as, stop, who, no, old, put, were, let, them, again, had. Don't forget to practice any words missed from the Kindergarten list and the first nine weeks of Community One. These words need to be read instantly and accurately. No hesitations.

We begin to compare two different numbers and categorize by greater than and less than. We will be using the symbols "> and <" when comparing numbers.

Our party is Thursday, December 17 from 1:30-2:15. Don't forget to send a wrapped book ($5.00 maximum) by Wednesday for the class book exchange. Please join us!

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An Expert of Scuba Diving Visits Community One

Mr. Sam Marsalis from Adventure Sports came to talk to us about scuba diving and extend our ocean project learning. He had wonderful videos from his many dives. We are fortunate to have so many people willing to come to PRS to help bring the learning alive. This week we are going to investigate oceanographers.

The Mystery Reader Starts Off Our Day Right

We had our first early morning Mystery Reader. Can't think of a better way to start the day than with a beloved parent reading a book to our class. Mrs. McDevitt tries to stay on top of children's literature but this time the parent shared a book with our class that she was not familiar with. It was full of mixed up, silly things that were extraordinary. Mrs. McDevitt thinks that books make the best gifts and obviously so does the Mystery Reader. We have a new popular book added to our classroom library. We have even adopted the language of the book into our school day. When something silly happens, it is not uncommon for someone to say "That is perfect for the Nonsense Show." The PR Way is to take our learning and make it a part of our lives. Room 116 is living and breathing literature.

Please save Crystal Light plastic containers to hold our markers.

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Upcoming Events

12.17 Room 116's December Party at 1:30-2:15 (more information to come soon)

12.21-1.4: Winter Break: No school

Tuesday, January 5: students return

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Return Poetry Journals on Monday

Look for poetry journals to come home on Thursday of this week. Keep the poetry journal handy during the break to work on fluency, word decoding and sight word practice.

Blessings from Mrs. McDevitt

Friday afternoon will be bittersweet for me. I am excited for a rest but sad because it will be a long time to go without working with some of my very favorite people.

Thank you for supporting the learning that takes place in Room 116. Your support makes my job easier.

Remember that fancy toys are nice but what your child really wants is your time. I hope your break is full of book talks, board games, walks around the neighborhood, checking out what is under a rock, cooking in the kitchen together and just listening to your child.

Merry Christmas and the learning in Room 116 will be great in 2016. Take care and be safe!