TNIS Panui Wiki 9, Wā Kura 2 2022

Te Kura Waenga Whakangungu O Takapuna


Term 2

Week 10

04/07 to 08/07 - Sports Camp at Matamata

06/07 - Year 7 2023 Enrolment Information Evening

04/07 to 06/07 - International Culture and Language Week

Term 3

Week 2

01/08 - Applications open for 2023 enrolments

01/08 - Vision Testing

03/08 - Open Morning for parents and Year 6 learners. 9.00am - 10.15am and

11.30am -12.15pm

03/08 - Learner-Led Conversations 3.20pm - 5.20pm

05/08 - Open Morning for parents and Year 6 learners. 9.00am - 10.15am and

11.30am -12.15pm

Week 3

10/08 - Parent and Teacher Conversations 3.15pm - 5.30pm. At 15min intervals.

08/08 - Boostix Immunisation for Year 7s with consent

Week 5

24/08 - Gymnastics Zone Day

Week 6

29/08 - Teacher Only Day

30/08 - Teacher Only Day

30/08 - Band Quest (Rock Band). Afternoon/Evening

31/08 - Kids Lit Quiz Competition

Week 7

07/09 - Applications for enrolment close.

09/09 - Photolife. Team and group photographs

Week 8

14/09 - Ballot for OOZ enrolments.

Week 9

19/08 - Ballot Confirmation

Term Dates 2022

Term One

Tuesday 1 February - Thursday 14 April

Term Two

Monday 2 May - Friday 8 July

Term Three

Monday 25 July - Friday 30 September

Term Four

Monday 17 October - Thursday 15 December


Tuesday 31 January - Interview Day

Wednesday 1 February - First Full Day of School

Teacher Only Days

  • Monday 29 August
  • Tuesday 30 August


Kia ora e te whānau,

School continues to be a busy place with a number of activities and events taking place to conclude the term. Next week we have a number of learners heading to Tōtara Springs for sports camp and we wish you the best of luck for the week. Thank you to Dionne Moors and Jordan Eckhold-Brown for their work in preparing learners and the many staff and parents who have assisted to ensure next week is a success.

Languages week Celebration: This week we have been celebrating a variety of languages with activities and this will continue into next week.

If your child has culturally significant clothing or items to wear (eg headwear, a necklace, or other culturally decorative jewellery etc) that is important to their culture and identity we encourage them to bring it on Wednesday 6th of July. Learners will change into it for our cultural celebration assembly. If it is not feasible to bring this in, please take a photo and share it with your classroom teacher. Please note this is not a non-uniform day.

Mid Year Reports: Next Thursday morning 7 July, we will be emailing home your child's mid-year progress and specialist subject reports. Your child’s report is a summary of their attainment in key learning areas, their levels of effort and includes a general comment, highlighting strengths and next steps. Your child also has examples of work on their seesaw account.

On Wednesday 3 August we will be holding Learner Led Conversations. This is an occasion where the students are directly involved in sharing aspects of their learning. The following week Wednesday 10 August you will also have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher. Booking details for these conversations will be sent out within the next week.

Social Media: We now live in a world with a huge social media influence and this can be difficult to navigate for children and parents. We encourage you to visit Netsafe which provides great support for parents in understanding and managing the online risks our children face.

Advice from Netsafe regarding the use of social media accounts

How old should kids be before they get social media accounts? The minimum sign-up age for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter and YouTube is 13. Of course, if they’re under the age minimum it’s always better that they’re honest with you about using an app or site, rather than doing it behind your back. This way, you can help them to stay safe online.

Here are Netsafe’s top tips for setting up social media accounts for your child:

  • Make sure you’ve taught them the online safety basics (this includes how to set up a strong password, what information they need to protect online, what is appropriate online behaviour and what they should do if they need help or if something makes them uncomfortable or upset).
  • Help your child to set up the account. Pay particular attention to the privacy settings when you sign them up. Depending on their age, use your email address to sign up.
  • Enter their actual birth year in the sign-up process so they’re less likely to see inappropriate content.
  • Become their friend, or follow them – that way you can keep track of what they’re doing online.
  • Teach them about the safety tools available – most social networks include tools to block, report or remove harmful content. Make sure they know how to use these to keep themselves safe.
  • For more information about keeping your children safe online visit

Covid-19/Influenza: I am sure you know that our community continues to be affected by influenza and Covid-19. The Ministry of Health has updated its advice on getting infected again with Covid-19 within 90 days of a previous Covid-19 infection in light of increasing evidence that reinfections can occur earlier than 90 days.The latest evidence shows that getting Covid-19 again within a short period of time can happen – but it’s unclear how common it is. Reinfection is also more likely as new variants spread among the community.

Reinfection advice: You are more likely to become reinfected as your immune response from the vaccine or your previous Covid-19 infection decreases over time.

● If it is 28 days or fewer since the last infection, there’s no need to test.

● Within 28 days, symptoms are most likely due to lasting effects of the initial infection or a different new respiratory infection. A new Covid-19 infection is difficult to diagnose within 28 days symptoms, viral levels and test positivity may fluctuate during this time.

● Covid-19-like symptoms may well be caused by other infections like the common cold, flu or a chest infection.

● If a person develops new Covid-19 symptoms, and it’s 29 days or more since their previous infection, it’s possible that it’s a reinfection with Covid-19 and they should take a rapid antigen test. If that test is positive, they will need to isolate for a second time for seven days.

● For most people, illness caused by reinfection is likely to be no more severe than a first infection,but they can experience different symptoms.

● If a person is not getting better, or becoming increasingly unwell, they should call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or their doctor/healthcare provider.

Evidence on reinfections is evolving rapidly. The Ministry of Health is constantly monitoring what’s happening internationally and updating us with their guidance to ensure it is in line with the latest public health advice. I hope the above information is helpful to you.

Finally, I want to say how pleased I am that we have managed to navigate yet another tricky term with managing both Covid-19 and influenza across our staff and community. One of Sandy Harford’s many roles as Deputy Principal is to manage all relief teachers across the school and she has done an amazing job navigating the complexities of staffing and keeping our classrooms fully staffed and opened for the term.

A reminder Friday 8th July is the last day of term and Term 3 begins on Monday 25th July. We hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Mauri tū, mauri ora- An active soul is a healthy soul

Zane Wilson

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In Term 3, we will elect new parent/caregiver representatives to our School Board. Many of our current parent representatives will be stepping aside as their children have now moved on to higher education and we are actively looking for the next generation of Board members to take up the opportunity at TNIS.

Please click on the image to read more.

Unit of Inquiry Roundup: Where We Are in Place and Time

Over the second term, our Unit of Inquiry focus has been ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’. We participated in many activities that taught us about ancient civilizations; how they changed, why they were created, and how they’re connected to our daily life.

Please click on the image to read the Rātā roundup.


Westlake Information Evening

Westlake Boys High School will host their annual Information Evening on the 4th of August with a 6pm start. There is no need to register for this event. We will have our in zone Year 9 enrolment interviews on the 10th of August and out of zone and priority interviews on the 16th and 17th of August 2022. Online enrolment applications will only be available from 8am on the 1st of July 2022. For further information regarding enrolments please visit the school website or our Facebook page.

Takapuna Grammar School Open Evening

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Northcote College Open Day

Saturday 30 July 2022

12.00 – 3.00pm

You are invited to visit with your family to view the school and talk to staff and current students. Discover exactly what Northcote College has to offer.

Online enrolment applications for 2023 open 25/7/22

Out-of-zone applications close on 7 September 2022.

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TNIS Cultural Assembly

As you may know, TNIS is in the middle of a week-long cultural celebration. The finale is an assembly that celebrates the various cultures that we've been learning about throughout the term.

If your child has culturally significant clothing or items (eg headwear, a necklace, or other culturally decorative jewellery etc.) that are important to their culture and identity, we encourage them to bring it on Wednesday the 6th of July, Week 10. Learners will change into it for our cultural celebration assembly. If it is not feasible to bring this in, please take a photo of your child wearing it and share it with your classroom teacher. Please note this is not a non-uniform day.

Week10 (7월 6일 수요일) Cultural Celebration Day 를 더욱 더 풍성하게 축하하기 위해서 다양한 전통 의상과 장신구들을 친구들에게 선보이고 싶은 학생은 한복이나 노리개, 전통 모자 등등 한국의 문화를 드러낼 수 있는 의상을 가져올 수 있습니다. 혹시 가져오기가 불편한 경우 한복 입은 모습을 사진을 찍어 담임 선생님께 보내도 좋습니다. 교복을 입고 학교에 오며, 한복은 어셈블리 할 때만 입습니다.

第10周(7月6日,星期三)为了更丰富地庆祝文化庆典日,想要向朋友炫耀各种传统服饰和配饰的学生可以带上、中国的传统服饰或配件。 如果不方便带来,可以拍一张穿着传统服的照片,寄给班主任。 一定穿着校服来学校,传统衣服只是集会时穿的。

第10週(7月6日, 水曜日 )世界 文化祭の日をより豊かに祝うために、友達にさまざまな伝統的な服やアクセサリーを披露したい学生は、伝統 着物やアクセサリーを持てきられます。 持参が不便な場合は、伝統的な服やクセサリーをを着て写真を撮り 先生に送ることができます。ぜひ制服を着て学校に来てください。伝統的な服はアセンブリ時間だけに着用させられます。

TNIS Cross Country

The annual TNIS Cross Country was held over two weeks allowing all teams to compete against each. It was a great success and the majority of learners got involved and made some great goals for their fitness. It was wonderful to see so many learners put themselves outside their comfort zones and be a risk-taker on the day. Please click the image to see the results broken down by team.

Cats, The Musical

TNIS student, Jayde Houlihan, will be performing in APAA's production of Cats during the July school holidays at the ASB Waterfront Theatre (138 Halsey Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland CBD). The beloved Andrew Lloyd Webber production is taking place at the end of the first week of the school holidays - six shows only: Friday July 15 to Sunday July 17. Students have been rehearsing since the middle of 2021 - with the season postponed twice due to Covid - so the cast is excited to finally present the show to an audience! Tickets can be purchased from the theatre or Ticketmaster. A special discount for TNIS whanau is available: buy tickets to either performance on Friday July 15 (2.00pm or 7.30pm) and use the promo code JELLICLE to get adults at children's prices (only via the ASB Waterfront Theatre). The link is

TNIS Wellbeing Parent Portal

Please click on the picture to explore our Wellbeing Parent Portal for tips on how to support your child's wellbeing. Click on the "Parent Portal" link at the top right of the Home page. This portal is updated fortnightly, so please return to the site every couple of weeks for new tips.


Arrival and Leaving School Grounds

Ideally, learners should arrive at school no earlier than 8am and by 8:30am. They must leave the school grounds by 3:15pm unless they are taking part in an extra-curricular activity. Staff are unable to provide supervision for learners before 8am or after 3:15pm.

Uniform Reminder

This term we are at Orange setting. Learners are now wearing their full school uniform to and from school. At Orange, they change into and out of their PE uniform at school. It has been great to see our learners proudly wearing their uniforms correctly.

In particular, we would appreciate your support in checking that your child is wearing:

  • PLAIN BLACK SHOES (these may have a white sole but no other white or coloured logos or markings).
  • navy blue or black socks (no other colours). These can be any length.

The uniform guidelines are set out below and are also available on our school website.

School Uniform Guidelines:

Learners ensure that they:
- wear their uniform correctly and with pride.
- bring their PE uniform to school for PE, Fitness and sports practices.
- wear shoes that are plain black - any logos must be black (not white or any other colour).

- All black trainers with white soles are acceptable.
- wear navy blue or black socks (no other colours). These can be any length.
- wear the TNIS school jacket during the school day but have the option to wear their own jacket to and from school (not non-uniform sweatshirts or hoodies).
- wear their full school uniform to and from school each day.
- always tie their shoulder-length or longer hair up.
- wear small plain earrings if they wish. Other jewellery of religious or cultural significance is allowed on a case-by-case basis with the permission of a Deputy Principal.
- wear the navy school bucket hat or cap every time they go outside in Term 1 and Term 4. (No other hats please).

Purchasing School Uniform

TNIS uniform is available from "The U Shop". Please see the details below for contact and location.


PHONE| 09 486 4012


ADDRESS| Unit 10, 54 View Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland, New Zealand

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Please note that the U shop is open for two days in the second week of the school holidays:

Thursday, 21st July: 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Saturday, 23rd July: 10.00am – 2.00pm

Homestay Required

A group of short-term learners will be visiting TNIS for three weeks, from the 31st of July to the 19th of August. We need a space for two students that can stay in a room together, and you’ll be compensated $450 per week.

We also have some learners who will stay for seven weeks, so please consider this if you can host more than three weeks. For hosting one learner, you’ll be compensated $320 per week.

During school days, you’ll need to drop your learner at school in the morning, and the agent will drop them off around 6 pm after two hours of after-school class from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. They will have a group trip every Saturday.

A Police Vetting of an adult over 18 could be required.

A homestay learner is a great chance to share different cultures and widen your child’s worldview.

Any families interested in hosting the visitors, please contact:

Saint Edu: Vincent An (021 0272 2746, text)


The following is community news and is published as a service to our community. Inclusion in this newsletter should not be seen as a recommendation or endorsement.
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Online Every Day with ADHD Parenting

Course Two

The second Online Every Day with ADHD Parenting course is the one starting in Term 3 on Wednesday 24 August 2022. This Online course is also a six-week course, run on Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm – 9.45pm.

The dates for this Online course are:

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Wednesday 31 August 2022

Wednesday 07 September 2022

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Please see the following website link for further information, or to register:

Feel free to explore our website: which has many articles and lots of information about ADHD. For anyone on Facebook, there are private Facebook groups for “Adults with ADHD”, and “Parents of Children with ADHD”, which some may find useful and supportive. They are certainly great places to get recommendations and personal experiences.

Music Education Centre

“Do you want your child to learn a musical instrument but find it difficult to make time after school? Convenient Music lessons available here at school.

The Music Education Centre offers students specialist instrumental music lessons here on the school grounds each week. Lessons are suitable for all students and can be arranged directly with the Music Education Centre.

Please follow the link - to find out more information about lesson fees and to enrol your child.

There are limited spaces still available for new students to start in Term Two. If you have any other questions about the programme, it is best to contact the Music Education Centre directly on 0800 89 39 39.

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