The Whip, The Hammer, and The Cross

The Love Story of Christ

"How far would you go to prove your love...."

Come and Celebrate with Broadus Baptist Church as we experience the Love of Jesus! This drama is put on by the Youth to show how our young people have a desire for Jesus! This drama does not just show how Jesus died. It shows why Jesus died! For me and for you! This drama will show all pain and torture Jesus went through just to prove that he loved us! So, come and experience with us the reason why we celebrate Easter Sunday!

The Easter Drama Weekend

Friday, April 18th, 7pm to Sunday, April 20th, 6pm

59 Green Street Southwest

Concord, NC

The drama will be held in The Worship Center (The Gym)!

Drama Schedule

  • Friday Night (April 18th): 7:00pm
  • Saturday Night (April 19th): 7:00pm
  • Sunday Night(April 20th): 6:00pm