Cameryn Wilkins

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

High school senior, Tyler Miller, was an average guy who didn't stand out much aside from getting in trouble for graffiti at school. He is in love with his fathers bosses daughter Bethany Mibury. She is beautiful and popular and considered out of his league. After a drunken night, and after getting a chance with the girl of his dreams, pictures get distributed around the school of Bethany in a compromising situation (nudity) in which Tyler gets blamed. Tyler was not to blame but turmoil arises out of this. Aside from these problems, he also has a difficult relationship with an abusive father and even contemplates suicide. This is a story of how decisions can affect you, life can change you, and the ability to move forward despite hardships. The power to change and the only one in control of your you.

What I thought about the book

When I started this book, I found myself laughing out loud from start to finish! Laurie Halse Anderson created the typical teenage boy character who has more to tell than just by his past. There are so many teen-related books out there that just about bore me to death! Twisted is now my favorite book because it has so many ups and downs and events that could actually happen. One of the many things I enjoyed most about this book was that I could see every single character in the halls of my high school. Also, it doesn't wrap everything up in a nice little box like a movie would. Just like in real life, it deals with the non-stop rumors, abuse, dangers of alcohol, and dysfunctional families in a very honest, yet believable way.


"I pressed my face against the back window to watch her walk away...Bethany was...the most beautiful, the most popular, the queen bee."

"Dad tapped his foot and waited a suave two seconds before he blurted out..."

"His friends were about to give me the beating of my life."