Brain Development Parent Brochure

By: Madi Schuster

What should parents know

Early experiences are very important to the development of the child's brain and their lifelong health.

The brain matures outside of the womb, so early experiences are important.

Activities to do with your child to promote brain development

Read to them, make sure you have them read to you too

Color with them

Have 1 on 1 time with them

Establish routines for your child

Encourage safe exploring and play for your child

Play matching games

Play with blocks and patterns

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Verbal-linguistic: People learn best through words

Word games and puzzles, reading, writing, jokes and tongue twisters, games involving memorizing

Logical-mathematical: People try to find patterns to connect facts and observations

Number games; chess and checkers; maps and diagrams; tests of logic; experiments

Visual-spatial: Learning is easiest through pictures and colors

Play with pictures, drawing, modeling clay, construction toys, jigsaw puzzles

Musical: Hearing rhythms and melodies helps promote learning

Toy instruments, household objects that can be banged, music tapes, music lessons

Bodily-kinesthetic: This intelligence is skill in moving the body through space

Physical activities such as gymnastics or soccer, using playground equipment, dancing

Interpersonal: This intelligence has to do with social skills

Activities that involve other children such as joining clubs or groups

Intrapersonal: This intelligence is revealed by a person who is more private and less social

Time to be alone and think, writing in a diary

Naturalistic: This intelligence is revealed by an understanding of the processes of the natural world - plants, animals, and the processes of nature.

Opportunities to experience nature, such as gardening, walking in the woods, or watching birds

Things your child needs to know before starting school


How to interact with others

Take turns and share

Complete activities on their own

Focus on one thing for a while

Be sensitive to others' feelings

Healthy snacks and meal ideas


Yogurt filled raspberries

Yogurt, fruit, and granola popsicles

Frozen bananas and chocolate chips


Breakfast - Peanut butter and banana roll

Lunch - Peanut butter roll ups