Delecki's Diamonds

April 2013



Having a hugely successful business is as easy as 2-10-1. We will be talking more about this during our conference call on Monday at 8pm, but I wanted to give you a little intro. 2 parties a month, 10 guests per party, and 1 new team member each catalog. It really is a great way to look at your business. If you try to make this your goal for your business, you will be setting yourself up for higher paychecks, greater rewards, and the fulfillment you may have been searching for.

Time to Shine

Top in Sales

My sales: $1000.50

Kristen Janosky: $1052.50

Nanette Stephens: $791.50

Holly Craig: $768.00

Great job ladies! I am going to up the ante a little. In order to get a shout out in the newsletter you need to have $1000 in sales. I know you can do it, ladies! Also, anyone that turns in $1500 in a month will get a prize from me. I will let you pick out $15 in business supplies. That could be a new pack of catalogs, some order forms, a t-shirt, anything you choose.

Kristen Janosky, Nanette Stephens and Aubrey Akers each get a prize for highest volume and the most parties. Look for it in the mail next week.