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What is an EdCamp?

An organic, participant-driven professional learning experience.

A community created by educators, for educators.

The leading edge of professional development in education.

Tenets of Edcamp

  • Free
  • Open to everyone
  • Created by participants on the day
  • Sessions facilitated by anyone
  • Reliant on the "rule of two feet” that empowers everyone to find session that meet their needs
  • Vendor-free events
EdCamp 101

edcamp Fulton

Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 8:45am-12pm

4110 Old Alabama Road

Alpharetta, GA


8:45 Arrival & Topics

9:15 Session 1

9:45 Session 2

10:15 Session 3

10:45 Session 4

11:30 EdCamp Smack Down & Closing

Join us after edcamp Fulton at Brooklyn Cantina for lunch and to continue the conversations and friendships!

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Let us know you will be joining us!

Who Likes PIE???

Challenge - The Vanguard Lead with the MOST teachers in attendance will get to PIE Hoke Wilcox!

We hear he loves peach PIE!!

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