P & D Collaboration

December 2014

Curriculum and Assessment

  • Perspective of Principal (any changes that you see need to happen)
  • CBA December
  • DRA January-One-on-one meetings @ East and North
  • Social Studies and Science Instructional Model (Stemscopes $16,000 one license per student K-3 and 30 per teacher 4-8)
  • Vertical Alignment K-5
  • May vs. June writing

New Math TEKS and the Impact on Instruction

  • Impact on Teachers
  • Curriculum and Instruction Assistance
  • Impact on Student Grades


  • Update by Campus (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Standards Based Grades Proposal (principal input)

RtI at Work Conference

  • Essential Learning-Table pg. 37
  • Application for Future Work
  • How to Make Learning Contagious


Cristi Parsons, Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

East and North January Jubilee

Wednesday, Jan. 21st 2015 at 8am-3:15pm

208 Green St

Hallsville, TX

Team-building activities at Training Center during planning time. Campus bus transport teachers