Smoking is like burning a 100 dollar bill.

how much you spend on cigarettes

Did you know if you smoke a pack of the average cigarettes a day you spend $3047.75 a year!

The cost of a pack of cigarettes vary on the brand or the state you live in.

In the state of new jersey the average cost of cigarettes is $8.35.

I think people shouldn't waste their money on cigarettes when there is things in the world like food and shelter that they need more.

what can happen to you if you smoke?

Long term smoking can lead to a lot of things, that either happen with in a year of smoking or 15 years. By smoking you can get emphysema this means the air sacs in your lungs lose there elasticity. Also, smokers can get atherosclerosis this is when the arteries harden. Another is Cancer this is when the cells divide and grow out of control. These are just a few things that can happen to you.

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Second Hand Smoking

When you smoke you not only putting you in danger also the people around you. They are in danger because they are breathing in the bad air from the cigarettes. If you love the people around you stop smoking, before you know it they will be dead/sick to.

What is cigarettes?

ACETONE; removes nail polish

AMMONIA; household cleaner

ARSENIC; used in rat poisons and in bullets


CARBON MONOXIDE; poisonous gas

CADMIUM; in batteries

CRESOL; used in making bombs

CYANIDE; deadly poison

DDT; a banned insecticide

LEAD; heavy metal

FORMALDEHYDE; to preserve dead bodies

POLONIUM; radioactive

VINYL CHLORIDE; to make PVC pipes

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