come see what indian's had to put up with!

Alexander McGillivray

Alexander McGillivray may have some good within himself,but for what we know him for selfishness and greed. Mcgillivray is fifty percent white and fifty percent creek.This way he had both the respects of the white men and the Indian's.He knew this,but he would rather be a white man then a indian. McGillivray was a creek leader in the Oconee war;this war was agaist the creek and the Georgia pioneers. McGillivray signed the treaty of New York(creek had to give up all land east of the Oconee River.He made the indians homeless.

John Marshall

Marshall was the Chief Justice (judge). Marshall ruled in the Worcester vs. Georgia case that Worcester should be set free. President Andrew Jackson disagreed and ignored the order. Jackson thought that Indians were not equal to the whites.Marshall should have won that case.

Jessica Rogers & Hope Hicks