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NEE PDP Pre-Implementation It's time to submit your proposed PDP for approval. You can write your own, or you can use one that I've written for you linked here. Just copy these elements into the NEE PDP and move the slider over to submit for pre-implementation approval.

Have you had a chance to read the feedback from your advisory's parents (Liberty Academy 2019-2020)? GREAT INFO!! Need me to get that info to you in another format? Please ask!


AM Visible Learning PD: Judy and Lisa

1:15: Music Therapist Intro to Interested Staff and Tour



Thursday: Social Chair Declares "JERSEY" Day!

Visible Learning with Kara at LA 12:00-4:00 (Art, Melissa, +1)


All School Speaker 1:00 at LA: Rick Ross

Upcoming Dates: September

2: No School--Labor Day


5: TABE Test 12:00-3:00

14: SAFE Schools Trainings Due

10-15:Summer School Survey (Students-10 minutes)

19: Early Release--Professional Development

20: No School--Professional Development

NEE: Unit of Instruction

Big3 Focus Week of 9/2: Personal Strengths and Challenges

Want to Bring Out The Best in People? Start With Strengths | Chris Wejr | TEDxLangleyED

Lesson #2: Considering Personal Strengths and Challenges Sample Lesson

Lesson 2: Considering Personal Strengths and Challenges (..to promote + self esteem and to consider their challenges by normalizing that we all have challenges)

  1. Hand out quiz from last time. Review the EQ skills discussed in the last lesson. Ask for examples when they have used them. Use questions like, “What strong feelings did you have this week? How did you deal with them? Did anyone feel stress this week? How did you handle it? Did anyone have to wait for anything this week? What was that like?”

  2. Circle: Nonthreatening Q or “What is an accomplishment you’re really proud of? Or What is something you wish you were better at?”

  3. Ask Ss how they define STRENGTHS and CHALLENGES (or weaknesses).

    1. Everyone has both.

    2. Strengths may be different than something you like to do.

    3. Why is it easier to identify their challenges than their strengths?

    4. Knowing our strengths helps us feel more confident and helps us decide what to do with our time and energy.

    5. Sometimes our strengths can be a challenge! (PPL who are intelligent may over-analyze situations and have trouble making decisions.)

  4. Journal: List 5 of your strengths and 5 areas you’d like to improve

    1. Stuck? Use the EQ quiz results to help.

    2. Was it hard to think of five strengths? Why?

    3. Is it hard to admit five areas you need to improve? Why?

    4. Do you think being aware of your strengths makes you conceited? Why?

    5. How do you feel when you think about your challenges?

    6. How do you think it can be helpful to be aware of your strengths/challenges?