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December 12, 2014

In case you missed it...

We have a new bilingual tutor three days a week which began helping Mark this week. Her name is Denise Garcia. Darlene Smith will continue to tutor the students on her caseload five mornings a week to keep consistancy for these children. Denise will assist Mark in his classroom with the students he see of ELA. Ms. Garcia is a much needed addition to the ESL department and our school. Please make sure to give her a Stallion welcome! I have heard we will have a billingual assistant two days a week in January to help Mark in the classroom, translate, and assist with ESL paperwork. This is also exciting news for our kids, families, and Mark!

I sat in on interviews early in the week at Central Office for a School Counselor to help us out while Reagan is on leave. Mr. Conway informed me today that there is a good possibility we could have some assistance in the Counseling Department as early as next week!!! I will keep you informed.

Natalie and I tag-teamed interviews for our School Nurse postition before Thanksgiving. The board approved Nancy Blackman to fill our vacancy this week. She is slated to start after the holidays. Daria stopped by on Thursday for a visit and volunteered to come and assist Nancy on her first days to show her where everything is and introduce her to those Stallions that receive daily assistance for their conditions. I know this will help our kids as much as our new nurse. I so appreciate all Gaye and Ashley have done to fill in and wear the nurse's hat when other LCS nurses have not been here to provide us assistance. One nurse that helped could not believe how busy we are with chronic conditions (asthma, diabetics, and those needing medications dispensed). It will be nice to get back to providing the direct care, management and education that our students and families are used to at SanLee!

Laurie McCauley will be moving to teach science at Lee County High School beginning January 19~ second semester. Mike Williams has agreed to step over to the Cowboys Team and teach 8th grade science. I did want you to know now, because we do have a Science position posted online. This position is to teach our Science Innovation Lab. I will begin interviews next week. We will NOT be announcing this to students until AFTER the World History Exam. PLEASE DO NOT talk about this in front of students (including your own children) to ensure emotions do not keep our Cowboys from learning and performing their best.

Big shout out goes to Nejla for the amazing planning and organization that went into the SLHS Curriculum Day today and LEC question and answer session on Monday morning. Both events went extremely well. Our 8th graders are getting excited about all the opportunities and choices they have available. A HUGE thank you to our 8th grade and elective teachers for your flexiblity and assistance to ensure these events went well.

Our numbers doubled for our AdvancEd survey for staff and parents in one day. Thank you for taking the time to do this. We will continue to ask parents that come in to check out students to fill it out. I will also have a station of laptops set up at Celebrate Elective Night on Tuesday. If we do not have at least 50 % of students 70% of staff and 20% of parents, I have to explain this in the AdvancEd self assessment

What a fantastic article highlighting Lauren Cox in this week's Inspired digital magazine.

I know I speak for all when I say how proud we are of her accomplishments and all she does for our school and students.

Have you heard the unfamiliar sound of bells the last couple of days at weird times? Well, your ears are not deceiving you! Our bell system has been fixed. The final cord needed for Shannon to be able to program and fix the times just came in and is on my desk. I will get to her first thing Monday. It looks like we may have bells to dismiss us on Monday afternoon.

I met yesterday with Rex Brown, our general contractor for the score house/concession stand, to finalize peliminary drawings and put together a timeline. It looks like we will be breaking ground in January and should have a nice facility which includes bathrooms by girls soccer season this spring. This is very exciting. Our PTSO and SLMS families have worked so hard to raise the funding for this project.

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Count down... 5 more to go!

Coming up:

Monday: PTSO Pizza/Duty Free Lunch, Student Leadership Team Meeting, Leadership

Team Meeting, Home baskeball vs. East Lee (BUSY MONDAY)

Tuesday: Happy Holidays from your Admin - Warm beverages and cookies in the front office, Social Studies Dept Meeting, Elective Night 6:30 - 8:00 (BUSY Tuesday)

Wednesday: Stallion Christmas Party 3:00 until....

Thursday: Happy Holidays to each other - snacks in the STUDY Hall room - come by and nibble throughout the day, Dr. Bryan will be in the PLC room with a group from 9-1

Friday: 12:15 dismissal for students. Staff may leave as soon as their responsiblities are taken care of...Enjoy your much deserved break! REST!

REMINDER: PLEASE be in the hallways and monitoring your children at all times. It's going to take a lot of "withitness" to get all our Stallions through the next 5 days.