Oregon Tech

How and why Im going

What you need to know

Oregon Tech (Oregon Institute of Technology) is a tech based school in Klamath Falls, OR. Though it is mainly a tech schools, they have degree's in many other practices, such as psychology, biology, and environmental sciences.

Fee's and Tests

After using a net calculator to figure out an estimate of the price range I will be looking at, I will spend about $22,000 a year in tuition and fees. This excludes a dorm room because I plan on renting a house with a friend.

To get into OT, you must give your secondary GPA, your secondary high school records, and your admission scores (SAT/ACT). It is also recommended that you give proof of completion of the college-preparatory program.

Scholarships and FAFSA

There are many available scholarships to Oregon Tech, including presidential scholarships, engineering honors scholarships, OWLS scholarships, and many more. I plan to apply for all scholarships that I can apply for, including an athletic scholarship if I continue with soccer. For FAFSA, the deadline is at the beginning of the year you apply for (so If you apply a form for the 15-16 year, you need it in before the beginning of first semester).