Law of Attraction for Wealth:

Here's How to Do It!

Until You Deal with Your Negative Thoughts the Law of Attraction Won't Help...

If you have ever watched a Law of Attraction (LOA) video or the popular Abraham-Hicks Q&A YouTube videos on the topic here's what people generally want:

- More money (new car, new house, better job, etc)

- Healthier body

- A special lover

The best-selling 2006 book; The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne popularized the law of attraction.

The book has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 46 languages.

Yet the book and the concept of Law of Attraction has gotten much negative publicity. Many pundits claim that the mere idea of asking for what you want in life, or thinking about it, is not enough to materialize it.

I also believe that just thinking about, or even visualizing, what you want is not enough to bring it to you.

One of the biggest problems is that most of us have years of negative beliefs and conditioning holding us back from taking action.

It's not entirely our fault.

Much of this negative conditioning came from well meaning parents who simply 'replayed' what they were taught by their parents.

If the national averages are correct you may be one of the millions of people living paycheck to paycheck.

In fact, a recent survey reported that most Americans have less than $5,000 dollars in savings. Despite working for decades in the wealthiest country on the planet!

When you combine the negative conditioning that most of us had to endure with the lack of finances how can we break the cycle?

Ultimately, you must breakdown the wall of negative thoughts that you encounter on a daily basis. These thoughts hold you back and prevent you from taking action.

A common menu of negative thoughts include:

- You need money to make money

- I don't have the skills to earn more

- I've tried before and failed

- My parents were poor and I got a bad start

- I don't have enough education

- What if I'm not good enough?

- I'm too old to change my finances now

- I am not pretty (or handsome) enough

- My health won't let me succeed

- No one will listen to me

Many of us hold these, or similar, thoughts almost unconsciously. We have an endless loop constantly running in the back of our minds.

In too many cases it's not a lack of money but a lack of belief and confidence that holds us back.

A Pathway to Wealth

LuxuryThought.Com was created to give you a way to dig out from the negative thinking that has you pinned down.

It's based on the premise that you can bore a hole through the darkness of limited thinking to let some light in. And when you let enough light in you can see clearly the new path that is right beneath your feet!

Take a minute and visit the site. What you learn there could change your perspective enough to help restore your confidence.

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