Between The Wars

By Trevor Goshert

Post War in AR

Post war in AR was a time of new technology and modernizing AR. Some of the new technology was the automobile, electricity, and the telephone wire. Most of these inventions were created in the 20s.

Growing violence

There was lots of violence in Ar mostly because of the KKK which was an African American hate group. They would attack, beat, and lynch African Americans and sometimes Jews and Catholics. There were more than 50,000 Klansman in AR.

The flood of 1927

The flood of 1927 was the most destructive flood in AR history. The water from the flood would end up going 50 miles inland. Around 250 people died in the flood and thousands of others displaced. The flood covered many states including Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and Indiana.

The Great Depression

On October 29th 1929 the stock market crashed and America went into the great depression. Most people tried to withdraw their life savings from the banks but they weren't fast enough the banks have closed. This event would make even simple needs hard to accomplish. They couldn't afford food or to pay rent. Then things got worse. A drought hit AR leaving people dehydrated and hot. Most farmers would leave there farms because all of their crops are destroyed.

Outlaws of AR

Most of Arkansas's most famous outlaws appeared during the great depression. One of the most famous outlaw groups was Bonnie and Clyde. When they were in their twenties they were already wanted for robbing stores and banks.

Entertainment in AR

Most entertainment in AR consisted of nightly entertainment radio shows. There was also a new kind of music known as jazz. They would also listen to comedy acts and detective stories.