Cesar Chavez Holiday

By: Kaitlin & Ross

Why is Cesar Chavez important?

Cesar Chavez was a civil rights activist who worked very hard for the rights of farm workers. As a child, his family suffered a huge loss of property during and after the Great Depression, part of this was due to his father being cheated of his property and the consequence was that him, his parents, and siblings had to work all the time picking fruit, vegetables, and corn to survive. Because of his early life Chavez was determined to help other farmworkers. He founded the National Farm Workers Association. His organization merged with the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee to make the United Farm Workers. Together they changed the way that some of the poorest workers were treated.

Where did this holiday originate from?

This holiday was established in Los Angeles, California. This holiday is celebrated in California on Cesar Chavez's birthday, March 31st. This legal holiday spread into nine other states: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island.


This holiday is significant because it is a day to honor and celebrate Cesar Chavez, for his farm working leadership. This holiday is also the first time that Latino and a labor leader has been honored with a public legal holiday. This day brings hundreds of thousands of people together to engage in celebrations, service, learning, and other actions that show what Chavez worked for. The mission of this holiday, which is also a public benefit organization, it to work for national recognition of Cesar Chavez on his birthday.


There are a few different ways to symbolize Cesar Chavez on this holiday. His symbol is a Black Eagle with a red and white background. People will wear black, red, and/or white. The main celebration for Chavez is in California, specifically at California State University. There is a 5K run that is held on California State University, Chico State, campus. Chico also held an assembly on March 25 to celebrate the life of Chavez, it is held to respectfully educate the public on his achievements.
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Cesar Chavez Day VS. Martin Luther King Day


Cesar Chavez Day and MLK Day are both holidays to celebrate someone who positively impacted a certain group of people that did not have equal rights.

On both days, the public learns about each person and what they did and how they impacted people.

People also do some service projects that help people have more of an understanding of each person, and what they have done.

There are many businesses and schools closed on the holiday.

Both holidays are celebrated by many people other than the ones impacted, Latinos: Chavez, African Americans: MLK.


MLK is celebrated and is a national holiday in every state.