How can Los Angeles VoIP Phone

REDUCE Your Phone Bills?

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The honest answer is that the savings are different for every company. The easiest way to find out is to do a free Bill Analysis for you and we need to work on that. This is by sending us a copy of your telephone bill and we will let you know what you will save thru Los Angeles VoIP Phone System.

The more detailed answer is that the call cost savings depends on the quantity and type of phone calls that you make with your current VoIP business phone system. A call to a mobile phone with current VoIP telephone service tends to cost around 35c per minute and with a Call-Connection-Charge of 55c. The same call made using VoIP telephone service can cost as low as 12.5c per minute and has no Call-Connection-Charge so if your organization makes 300 mobile calls each month, with an average call time of 5 minutes, that will be a cost saving of around $299 (an 85% saving).

Every single month! The larger your phone bill the more you can save. Recently we had a Los Angeles company with 150 phone lines who was paying $30,000.00- $40,000.00 per month. We reduced the cost for the same number of lines just over $8,000.00 per month. In addition we saved them 9-15k a month on IT service calls to keep their multiple PBX Telephone System and voice up and running. Delivered this on one hosted platform and unified all their communications thus reducing their monthly bill of your business!

Obviously we all like to cut all call costs in all percentage. Los Angeles VoIP Phone will be a quick to introduction to VoIP (Voice over IP) we will get straight into the dollars and cents.

What Is Los Angeles VoIP Phone System?

VoIP telephone service is a technology that enables you to do phone calls over whenever you are. There are no changes to you as a user but still call the same mobile number or landline numbers from your phone or your desk. It is just that the call goes out over the Internet rather than through the telephone cables.

Why Use Los Angeles VoIP Phone?

The main reason is cost-savings and cost-effectiveness. VoIP telephone service calls are generally much cheaper than regular phone calls. At Carlson Communications Corporation we have used VoIP telephone service for over six years both for our internal and external calls.

Choosing our Los Angeles VoIP Phone System services carefully and has managed to reduce our average call costs by 90%. Truth to be known these are not many reasons not to use VoIP telephone service anymore. Historically, there were potential issues with call quality and a limited number of VoIP telephone service providers. In the past 5 years however, VoIP telephone service has matured into a stable and high-quality grade telephone solution that increases productivity and reduces costs for your business.

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