Cerebral Palsy Center

By: Meredith Shaffery, Caroline Hands, and Melany Chaparro


The Cerebral Palsy Center is a charity that is completely dedicated to their patients. The Cerebral Palsy Center is a nonprofit organization, so that means all of the money donated goes to people with this disease. They also have volunteers that help out the victims of Cerebral Palsy. This charity is a very special organization because they, unlike other centers, want their patients to grow up to live on their own instead of living there forever, or going home with help from their families everywhere they go. They help the patients out a lot and hope one day they can do what the volunteers help them do now but for themselves.

Mission Statement

“Cerebral Palsy Center is committed to helping individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. So they can have a chance at fulfilling life with as much independence as possible.” This statement explains how they work hard for the patients to become self-sufficient to grow up normally.

Cerebral Palsy Center has made a project called: Project Search. It helps the people who has this disease, that graduated, see if they know what they want to be once they are older. (Cerebral Palsy Center.org) The organization knows when to do this by making an assessment. The assessment is to test if the patient have a chance of making their carrier. If the patient passes the assessment to be fit for their job, they would go and try the job out. There would be also a person who helps them while their at their job, if they get out of hand. When the patient is progressing, the charity would stop having a assistant by the patients side. This would make the organization accomplish their mission, of helping the victim can live alone.

What Is The Issue or Cause Your Charity Supports?

The cause that our charity supports is Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy only affects “1 in 200 people” (Gold, 6) so thats 0.5% out of 100%. That means this is not a very widespread problem. Cerebral Palsy is a non-communicable disease which means it can not be spread from person to person. If this problem is not addressed and people are living life with this disease and not taking medication because they don’t know about it, symptoms can get worse. So far scientists have not made a cure but patients can be helped if they go to physical therapy or get a prescription medication.

Most patients get cerebral Palsy if they are a premature baby, a late baby, the mother drank alcohol or if the baby couldn’t reach oxygen in the womb. There are 4 different types of Cerebral Palsy and they all require different types of treatments. Some that only affect the arms or one leg and one arm. Then there are some that affect the entire body or even the brain. Most people with this disease have stiff muscle tissue so it’s very hard for them to move their arms or legs. Abnormal development can be an issue also. Children with this disease may be 14 years old but only have the abilities of a 2 year old. Most of these patients can never walk, talk or even support their heads in their lifetime.

How Did The Organization Begin And Grow?

Our organization started in Knoxville, Tennessee in the 1940’s. It started in a room in St. Mary's hospital. It was a support group almost. Then it grew into a clinic that provided medical and physical help. In 1954 it became a fully charted agency.

In 1963 they realized that the kids needs and the adult's needs were different. After that they split into two centers. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Center for kids, and Cerebral Palsy Center for adults. They both want to give everyone as much independence as possible. Everyone should be able to do anything they want to do.

What Does This Charity DO for Community?

They provide families with goods to help and keep them together. They also help the families by giving the affected person help with getting a job. Most of the time a family member has to give up their job to take care of another. This can put them in bad situations, but they have a daycare option to help them out. They have helped many people,and many more to come.

Call To Action

To learnmore about Cerebral Palsy Center go to http://cpcenter.org/.

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