diet control

by: Hailey Tapp

five ways to lower fat in your diet

- limit foods with butter, cream, hydrogenated margarine, shortening, coconut oil, & foods made with these oils

- use low fat and skim milk products

- season vegetable with herbs, spices, & lemon instead of butter

- use eggs, liver, & shellfish in moderation

substitute plain low fat yogurt, whipped cottage cheese, or buttermilk for sour cream & mayo

-trim fat from meat before and after cooking

five ways to lower sodium in your diet

-taste food before adding salt

-use herbs and spices instead of salt

-eat fewer salted snacks

-use lemon juice or balsamic vinegar instead of salt on vegetables and fish

-read labels & compare foods before buying

five ways to lower sugar in your diet

-eat fruit instead of candy or chips

-drink juice or unsweetened tea instead of soft drinks

-use spices instead of sugar

-read labels

- buy unsweetened cereals and add fruit