DuBsTeP Graph

2 graphs, one histogram and a Dot plot

This is A Dubstep Graph about who loves it!!!!

Median: 6.5

Range: 9

Mode: 10

Intequartile lower: 1

Intequartile Higher: 10

Intequartile Range: 9

Mean: 26.12

Finally is My graphs

If You need help reading then Please go down more


Ok so i did a scale of 1-10 so my x axis on histo gram is 1-2,3-4.... all the way up to 9-10

Now since we got the scale numbers who voted between 1-2 is placed on the y-axis as frequency... 7 is 1-2 so we color to 7!!!!


Real simple who voted 1 is 7 who voted 2 is 0 and this is by the symbol of the dot...