August 13th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!

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Thank you for an amazing first week back. We have so much to look forward to . . . the kids will be back Wednesday!

These first few weeks are essential for our students. Let's focus on building relationships and setting behavior expectations. As we learned in our Restorative Practices training connect before your correct. One way to do this is by building hope. Make school their "happy place." Please view the quick video on building positive relationships with students.

Meet the Teacher Night Monday August 13th

  • Meet the teacher from 5:00 to 6:00
  • Lunch will be provided at 12:00
  • Dress professional to welcome our parents and students.

First Day of School Wednesday August 15th

Let's begin building a brighter future for our Ponies on Wednesday August 15th. We will have music, balloons and people from the church welcoming the students.

  • Please wear your convocation shirt with casual pants. (No jeans).
  • Everyone with duties please bring pom poms and/or things to make noise.
  • Remember to welcome them with a smile :-)
  • Practice your 2 minute connections as kids arrive.
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2018 Hey! Day Representation -Building our Partnership with our Community

Hey! Day is set for Friday, August 17, 2018 from 6-8:30 pm, and it will be held inside of LHS, mostly in the gyms and cafeteria. The Parade of Champions will be in the large Activity Center (formally called the Arena) where it was held last year. Hey! Day is the big Welcome and Introductions for the year. We usually have between 4-5 thousand attend each year. Parents, students and community come out for the event and many visit the school tables to meet the principals and teachers, as well as pick up any needed information for the school year. We will have a horseshoe game and other fun things happening.

We close up the booths and head for the introductions and pep rally around 7:30pm.

We ask that you try your best to participate in Hey! Day by staffing your school table, and also participate in the parade which begins at 8 pm.

Let's represent Lewisville Elementary and show the community that we are ready to partner with them to build our students a brighter future.

Please sign up here if you are available to participate.

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

The next two weeks

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We hear the message! For our kids! For our Ponies

  • Do you recognize our Ricky in the if you hear this message video? He was one of our Ponies 2 years ago. He is asking if you hear this message?

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is you learning on this journey?
  • How can you use your 'power' to help students and colleagues daily?
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LVES Presents the: Biggest Loser Challenge for Faculty & Staff

Hey Pony Family!

If you are interested in losing a few pounds, but you need motivation to do so, here is a fabulous opportunity for you to do so! Starting in September, we will kick off our first annual Biggest Loser Challenge.

The goal is to:

  • Build a brighter future for long term health!
  • Become healthier as a campus family!
  • Model possibilities to our students. (Yes, they will be a GREAT part of holding us accountable!)

What you will need to do if you are interested:

  • Sign up: by August 27th: LVES BIGGEST LOSER SIGN-UP
  • Weigh up: (I will send the date to those who sign-up.)
  • Pay up: ($20.00 entree fee) by September 21st
  • Work up: (to your goal)
  • Cheer up: (all supports all~because all means all)


  • All participants get to shed pounds and have a support system while doing so.
  • Acknowledgments about participants throughout the challenge.
  • Monetary Prize goes to the BIGGEST LOSER!!!!

If you have any questions, email me at: I am looking forward to this challenge!

NOTE***If you are not interested in participating in the challenge, but would like to donate to the prize money, your donation is appreciated. (Any donation amount will be gratefully accepted!)

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Hey Pony Family,

If you have books that you own, and you no longer want them (for any reason), but you believe that it would be a good/great read for someone else, here's what I want to propose to you. This year, we will start a Staff Book Swap.

To get it started, here's what I need from you:

  • Gather the books that you want to donate (these are books that you are ready to live without).
  • Drop the books off by Mrs. Simpson's office. I will have a box or crate that says: BOOKS WANTED.
  • I will place the books on our Staff Swap shelf that is located in the teacher's workroom (it doesn't look like the picture above yet, but that's the goal).
  • The Staff Swap will be on an honor system, so please take one book at a time; return it for the next person OR keep it if you love it.
  • Each time you want to add a new book, you may place it in my office, and I will feature them periodically. (Most likely an email will be sent one day after school, this way everyone will have a fair advantage of getting to the Staff Swap (if they want a particular book).
  • Lastly, please support by keeping the books on the shelf neatly arranged.

Books that you may consider donating are:

  • Cookbooks, action/adventure, fiction, non-fiction, health, poetry, mystery, self-help, history, travel, art, biographies, sports, educational, parenting, hobbies, sports, autobiographies, and the list goes on.
  • I would love if we can get books written in Spanish!
  • Because the Staff Swap is on school property, please use discretion if the language and/or content is too strong.

The goal:

To "build a brighter future", by reading a book that you are interested in at no cost to you, the reader.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


click here to submit a shout-Out

  • To Ms. Butler for coming to the school to let the new first grade teachers in the building.
  • BIG thanks to Mr. Dixson and Mr. Thomas for loaning me your muscles to move my desk!
  • Coach W for helping this new to campus member with transporting items on the flatbed from the car to the classroom. Thank you for your kindness!
  • Betty Guerrero for displaying patience and kindness during my attempt at preparing for training. Thank you for being available so that I could obtain the needed resources.
  • Ms. Barbara for making time to listen and answer questions for new to campus employees. You are so busy this time of year, too! Thank you!
  • Casey for being so quick at replying to questions via email.
  • To the Advisory Team for their hard work on looking at and adjusting the policies.
  • Thank you Mr. Green for keeping the calendar up to date.
  • Thank you team leaders and advisory committee members for doing a great job presenting during inservice week.
  • Thank you Coach W for all of the challenges.
  • Thank you Specials Team for supporting the challenges.

Birthday Spotlight

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