The best of Greek Myhtology

By: Maria Paula

What is Greek Mythology?

Greece was a a beautiful and prosper civilization. But what I most like about them is their myths and stories about Hercules. Greeks have an incredible view of how the world started and had their own thoughts about it. For Example They thought that the world started in despair. Everything started when the titans ruled the world. Kronos was the most powerful titan of the age. He had babies and ate them because he was afraid that they might overpower him. But Zeus Posedion and Hades overthrew him, and that was how the age of the gods started. Their were many gods but the main called the big three where Zeus Posideon and Hades. But their are also many minor like Ares, Hepatheus, Athena, APhrodite, Artemis, Hera ect. Each god hs its own personality and its own powers. MOst Myths explain how something was made ect. But Personaly my favorite myths were the ones of Hercules.

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Zeus was the a powerful god. For Greeks he was a very powerful god but with the same power of Hades and Poseidon. But for Romans he was the most powerful god af the age. Zeus lives in Olympus with many other gods. He is the master of lightning storms and the winds. He made Pandora with his bare hands, and Athena came from the mind of

zeus. He was one of the gods who defeated the titans including Kronos himself. He also was in a lot of greek myths like Pandoras box ect. This was the life of the master of lightning Zeus.


Hades is also a very powerful god. Neither Romans or Greeks admired him much. He was comsidered to be selfish not hones and evil. He controled the underworld and the dead. He had a dog named cerberus who guarded the entrance to the underworld. On the underworld was the river of styx. If you bathed in it and survived you would be verey powerful except for your wak spot. Hades decided if people deserved to go to the fields of punishment asphodel or Elysium. He did not had a great relationship with other gods and he was not so welcomed in Olympus.

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Posedion was a verey powerful god. He was great for greeks, but for Romans he was considered bad luck. He is the sea god, he can controll water and speak to all the underwater creatures. He does not live in Olypus but he is welcomed. He lives in his own underwater castle. Most of his powers come from his famous trident. For me poseidon is the god with the most coolest powers.

Olympian Gods (Male) of Ancient Greek Mythology


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