What are they?

Aliens are basically creatures( life forms ) from other planets. They come around to earth in awkward flying things called 'U.F.O.s' ( unidentified flying objects ). Many scientists say they are science-fiction (sci-fi) which means not true in the ways of science. In the last 30 years over 15 millions of sightings have been reported. Can 15 million people be wrong?

the doctor

the doctor is alian from a t.v. show called Doctor Who. he is a thing called a time lord which can go through time..and space. the most important thing you should know about him is that he battles many other alians like Daleks, Cybermen, weaping angles, gas masked zombies and much, much more.

the moon

the moon is our closest moon to us. since it is so close many people think Aliens are on it! People think that there is a real face on the moon... Well it looks like it. But my opinion is, if there is a face on the moon who or what is looking down on us...?


if you want to read a book go read:

Higgens D.S. UFOs Macmillan Publishing Co. Ink. c Cassell Ltd., 1981