From Cacao Tree to Chocolate

by:Sanarya Ahmed


Do you ever wonder where that delicious chocolate comes from? Chocolate is a very special food that comes on your table for dessert!


Do you know how the chocolate comes from the farm? It is made from a cocoa bean tree. They spray the tree with insecticide and give them extra water. When the pods have turned reddish-orangish color the farmers use knives to cut them down. They split the pods open and remove the cocoa beans. The beans dry in the sun for a week. Then the dried beans are put in to sacks and taken to the factory.


Do you ever wonder how cocoa beans are turned in to chocolate? At the factories, the sacks are cut open and any insects or cocoa plants are pinched out. They put the seeds in a cabinet for five days and when they come back they look different. Chocolate is effected and proofed. They make the cocoa beans a chocolate.


The last ingredient is to put it in the freezer to harden it up! People eat and buy it because it tastes amazing and people can want to buy it on holiday!

Fun facts

As you can see, chocolate makes an interesting journey to your table. But there are other fun facts you might love to know for example, did you know that people did not share chocolate at all. It was called the food of the gods. It is a magical food!


Now that you know all about chocolate you can go and eat it!
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