Viewing the universe

Descriptive vocabulary:

What is astronomy?

Astronomy is the scientific study of the universe. people long ago have use astronomy to tell us refracting telescopes. People also use astronomy to learn more of the universe, galaxy, and the solar system. The astronomy is important to use because we can find something new of the universe. People also use astronomy a long time because the sailors would look at the stars to determine land and the farmers to determine the season and to predict floods and droughts.


  1. Identify the visible and nonvisible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  2. Compare reflecting telescopes and telescopes
  3. Explaining how telescopes for nonvisible electromagnetic radiation differ from light telescopes.

Astronomy vocabulary

Describing the Electromagnetic spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum is all of the frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic. It's just like both visible and invisible have a radiation from stars. They also both collected in the electromagnetic spectrum. The invisible and visible both travel in wave lengths. The different wave lengths produce different colors. They also travel at the same speed. (3 hundred thousand) in the Em spectrum is a form of energy. Visible Em spectrum can only be seen by humans eyes. The visible radiation is a visible light. In the invisible radiation can be dictated by a special instrument. The invisible will include infare waves, ultraviolet Rey's, x-Rey's and gamma rays. Also if they are shorter then the wave lengths of visible light are blue and violet, while the longest wavelengths of light are red and orange.
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Describing the types of telescopes

A Refracting Telescope is a telescope that uses a set of lenses to gather and focus light from distance objects. A Reflecting Telescope is a telescope that uses a curved mirror to gather and focus light from distant object. One thing the telescope have in common are that they are both optical that reflect light from the stars.the reflecting telescope has a curved mirror to gather and focus light from a distant objects. The reflecting telescope has a large curved mirror that sends the light to a second mirror. The refracting telescope is a telescope that has a lens focuses different colors of light at different distance. The telescope has a light that passes through the lens and focuses the light to be magnified by an eyepiece.
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Telescopes for invisible light ans space based telescope

Scientist have a developed telescope like they can detects radio waves.they are also telescopes that detect gamma rays, X rays, and infrared rays. One problem with using telescopes to detect invisible electromagnetic radiation is that earths atmosphere acts as a shield against many forms of electromagnetic radiation. But the only way to study many forms of radiation is form space. While ground-based telescope have been critical in helping astronomers learn about the univers,valuable information has also come from spacecraft. In space, Earths atmosphere cannot interfere with the detection of electromagnetic radiation. The spacecraft that contains telescopes and other instruments have been launched to investigate planets, stars, and other distance objects.
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