US SEAL Sniper C. Kyle saves day

Pin point accuracy.

Sadr City, 2008

The shot that ended it

Sadr City 2008

It was 0800 hours and US SEALS had penetrated the insurgents territory. The goal was to end this siege once and for all, but everyone knew this was a Hail Mary. With barely any backup and a few snipers, the SEALS started killing insurgents one by one before they realized they were under attack. Half of them had already had bullets ripped through them, while the other half quickly ran to claim weapons and backup. The insurgents signaled an RPG handler at a near by camp to blow their camp up, but before he could American SEAL, 6300 feet away placed a bullet right through his head. With a gun that could not even find a solution for that shot, Chris Kyle had heart and wit to pull it off. One second too late and the target would've shot, one second too early and the target would've moved. Pin point accuracy saved dozens of SEALS during the siege of Sadr City. Sniper Chris Kyle had the decisive moment in putting the game to end against Saddam Hussein's army. It had been 4 years and the siege was finally over. With initial aims to be a quick siege, insurgents fought very hard, but you can only do so much to America's elite SEALS. Chris Kyle saved the day and further advances America's progress to subdue Hussein's army.