Ms Schoen's Weekly Newsletter

December 3-7, 2012

Week Ahead

Students will be finishing up their study of the human digestive system. Can the human body survive without this? Which organ is most important? These are questions they are attempting to answer.

Wisconsin has 5 geographical regions. These regions are divided because of the land formation and change in the formation. Each group learned about one region and taught the class. They learned to "jigsaw" a reading and share the work of finding information and sharing it out to their group members.

A theme is the"feeling" one gets from reading a passage, story, novel. What theme is your favorite? What about your favorite movie--what was its theme? The students have learned to identify the theme by thinking about the actions of the characters, the conflict and how it is resolved, the setting of the story.

In Math, students have begun completing Math Journals a couple times a week. Writing about our thinking while solving math solidifies what we are learning. To talk about math helps us understand the thinking needed to truly understand what we do when we solve math problems.

Please send your current email with your child.

Assignment Planner

Your child brings home his or her planner each night. I make sure they had written down the work that needs to be completed. Please spend a few minutes looking it over, checking for notes from me, and recording how long your child read at night. This tool is very effective for communicating.