The Green Revolution

By: Chaitanya Kalathuru

The Green Revolution is a great creation which was created and designed by the great Norman Borlaug. Because of his efforts many countries became successful.economically, politically, and socially.

The Pros

  • Improvements of living conditions for people
  • Crops can be grown in a large scale
  • Plants are resistant to diseases
  • Higher Yieldings from crops
  • More jobs are created in the primary sector
  • Less hunger in LDCs due to more crops
  • Crops can be grown in many locations regardless of the harsh conditions
  • Mechanization of farm practices
  • Less starvation
  • More use of biotechnology

The Green Revolution in India

India has prospered a lot due to the Green Revolution. India became the world's largest agricultural in the world from being a country which couldn't feed its residents. The Green Revolution also caused India's economy to be better because more jobs were available in the primary sector.