Julian Schwinger


Summary of why he is important:

The Renormalization theory of quantum electrodynamics was a theoretical prediction made by Julian that was the first historical example of a Quantum Gauge Theory. It was one of the finest achievements in the physics of the 20th century that analyzed 2s1/2 -2p1/2 energy level separation in H. It enables us to calculate higher order radiative and binding corrections systematically n powers of “a” and the velocity of bound particles. Julian was awarded a Nobel Prize of Physics as well as Albert Einstein Award for his many contributions.

When- When

Place and Date of Birth: Feb. 12, 1918 New York City, NY

Date and Place Death: July 16, 1994 Los Angeles, CA

Education (when and where): Columbia University (1936- 1939) City College of New York, Townsend Harris HS


Best known for his work on the theory of quantum electrodynamics.