Giant panda an endangered species

by Joran van Brunschot

Causes of the issue

The giant panda is endangered because there habitat gets chopped down for the wood in the area, so the giant panda gets pushed higher up the mountains. The higher you get in the mountains the less food there is for the pandas. That makes it harder to live. And they also have less space to live. So the number of pandas decreases.

The giant panda 2 points of view

For the people who harvest the bamboo for medicine: they haven't got much choice because it's their livelihood. More then 75% of the plants that grow in the pandas habitat are needed for medicine by these people. Because of that the panda has been driven into 20 isolated patches.

For the people who try to save the panda: the WWF in cooperation with the Chinese government has now boasts a network of 67 panda reserves that safeguards 66% of the giant panda wildlife and nearly 54% of there habitat and the Chinese government has a law that if you shot/have a panda you've got the death penalty.

How is it affecting the people and or the environment?

The giant panda has a big role in spreading the seeds of bamboo through the forests.

So if the giant panda extinct it has impact on other species as well and the unique bamboo forests.

What is being done or could be done?

WWF is doing much work to save the giant panda so by donating money to them could help much!!



I've put links to the websites.

For the map I've used Google images and WWF.

For the cartoon I drawed the cartoon on Google drawings.