Illegal Drugs

How they are harmful to the human body


.They displace air in the lungs and deprive the body from oxygen if abused

.Inhalant's can cause damage to the heart, kidney, brain, and the liver and bone marrow

.Dust cleaner is a Inhalant used to clean dust of items, but if inhaled by a user can be illegal

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.can cause insomnia, loss of appetite, and increased heart rate

.can be found in coffee, tea, and soda, cause they have caffiene

One example of stimulants is duster cleaner

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.Can slow your heart, and brain productions

.can make your heart produce less blood

one example is a painkiller

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.Can make you have to get your body parts amputated

.eats away at the stomach lining and can cause holes in your stomach

.Cocaine, meth, crack, and heroin are all narcotics, and illegal to use without a doctor prescribing the drug to you

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. disrupt the normal functioning of your brain

.causes distortions in the user's perceptions of reality

.One Hallucinogen is nutmeg powder, if too much is taken it can make you see things that are not really there.

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