LHR 8th Grade At-Home Learning

Week 1 - March 23-27, 2020

Weekly Welcome Message

Let's begin by saying how much we miss all of our students and families! When we left for Spring Break, we did not expect to be away from you all for this long. On very short notice, our administrators and teachers jumped into action to make a workable plan and a pathway for our students to continue learning.

Parents & guardians, we look to you now to commit yourselves to help prepare your child for success. Your teachers are only a phone call away and each teacher will have assigned "office hours" during which they will be available for live video. It's still a great day to be an LHR Indian!

Each week's assignments start on Monday and are due on Sunday night. Each Monday a new set of assignments will be posted. Your child should spend a couple hours each day working on completing these assignments.

[If you are enrolled in Algebra I, Spanish I or Health this semester, your teacher will contact you about the At-Home Learning procedures for your high school credit courses.]

{If you have Mrs. Frazier, Ms. Winkels, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs Cox or Mr. Parker - you will have a PAPER packet each week that is personalized for you.}

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8th Grade Math

Students will review previous content through a Learning Farm assignment. This Learning Farm assignment will cover two topics: Ordering Real Numbers and Scientific Notation. Students will have two options in Learning Farm: 8th Grade/ Pre- Algebra Practice and 8th Grade/ Pre- Algebra Assessment. Students are encouraged to complete the practice assignment before the assessment.The practice assignment will refresh their memory on Ordering Real Numbers and Scientific Notation. Once students have completed the practice assignment, they can complete the assessment. 8th Grade/ Pre- Algebra Assessment is what will be taken for a grade. Students will find the assignment and links to Learning in Google Classroom. In Google Classroom, there is also a link to a calculator.

In Google Classroom there is a link to Learning Farm, a link to a calculator. If you routinely have questions read to you, please contact me during Google Meets or on my Google Voice number to have those read aloud. If you do not have access to the internet, please call me during my office hours so I can read the questions to you.

I have included the Google Classroom Codes for each class. Please make sure you join my class if you haven’t already.

1st Period 8th Math-Williams Google Classroom Code: kqa45a5

2nd Period 8th Math-Williams Google Classroom Code: j4logcd

3rd Period 8th Math-Williams Google Classroom Code: hjea2lf

5th Period 8th Math-Burpo (Williams) Google Classroom Code: jblqvui

5th Period 8th Grade Algebra Google Classroom Code: wdlj7gz

6th Period 8th Math-Williams Google Classroom Code: r3hccya

7th Period 8th Math-Burpo/Williams Google Classroom Code: xaewpnu

8th Period 8th Math-Williams Google Classroom Code: jhidyfb

If you have any questions, please email or call me.



8th Grade Reading

This week we are going to review vocabulary. We will be focusing on using resources (such as dictionary and thesaurus entries) to determine word meaning, using context clues (the words in and around the sentence) to determine word meaning, and using knowledge of Greek and Latin roots to determine word meaning. You will read “The More You Know, The Smarter You Are” and take a selection quiz over the reading. We will also begin a journal to document our experiences in this unique situation. Make sure that you complete Monday Check-In if you have access to Google Classroom!

  • Log in to Learning Farm and complete the lesson titled “Vocabulary Review 8th Grade”

  • Remember your username will be your first initial and last name, and your password is lhrather. If you have trouble signing in, or you do not see the above assignment, please contact Mrs. Whitlock tori.whitlock@bonhamisd.org or 903.486.7490 to make sure that you are using the correct login for your account.

  • Please read “Danger! This Mission to Mars Could Bore You to Death”. It is available in Google Classroom or on paper if you do not have access to the internet. After you read, complete the selection quiz using evidence from the selection to support your response.

  • If you routinely have questions and answers read aloud to you, this is available for the selection quiz in Google Classroom. If you are needing oral administration for the online portion of Learning Farm, please contact me during my office hours or on my Google Voice number. If you have questions and answers read aloud to you, and you DO NOT have access to the internet, please contact me during my office hours to receive oral administration.

  • To begin your journal this week, I would like you to complete at least three entries. You will be documenting how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting you and your family, and how your day to day life has been affected. You can either write this by hand in a journal or on notebook paper, or you can create a Google Doc to post these entries. There will be a place to submit your electronic journal in Google Classroom.

8th Grade Social Studies

This week for 8th Grade Social Studies we are going to be review units 1 and 2. You will be able to access the “Must Know” power points for both units in Google Classroom. Along with the power points there will be a “Points of Emphasis” assignment for each unit to complete this week. Log in to Google Classroom with your school email and password (the same one you use to log in to the Chromebook at school). Once logged in you will use the power point to help you to do the two assignments. Both assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom…once you have finished the assignment, return to the Google Classroom page, attach your work, and then click turn in. Once you have it turned in the box to the right will say “turned in”.

Assignment 1: Use the Unit 1 Must know power point to answer the questions.

Assignment 2: Use the Unit 2 Must know power point to answer the questions.

8th Grade Science

During this first week of at home learning, in 8th Grade Science, we will be reviewing an important topic from this year, ATOMS. Your assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, ultimately taking you to StemScopes for your main assignments, in addition to other assignments that will support your learning. Your grade will primarily come from the StemScopes assignments. If you do not do well on your assignments the first time, you will have the opportunity to redo that assignment only 1 time. Those grades will then be averaged together.

To access your assignments, you will log into your Google Classroom account for Science using your BonhamISD student gmail account, click the new assignment in Google Classroom, click the link to StemScopes, and use your login information for StemScopes, and complete the assignments assigned to you. For most of you, your login information for StemScopes is your lunch number for the Username, and your lunch number for the Password. If it is different, a separate message will be sent to you in Google Classroom privately giving you your login information.

Coach Hall's Health Class

For your Week 1 assignment in Health you will go into google classroom and complete the Pandemic Global Issues handout. I think it is important to know what the world is experiencing besides random news feeds and social media. I have provided the codes for you in case you never had a chance to join.

3rd period: - jhs4i7

5th period: - rlddrid (lowercase l)

7th period: -rjzsea4

Next week, you will be given instructions on how to access and log into a program called Edgenuity to complete future assignments for this class. IF you already know how to navigate & access Edgenuity you are already ahead of learning! REMEMBER WASH YOUR HANDS!

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Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020
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