Gillian Eden

Why you should come to Uruguay

Here's a few reasons why you should come to Uruguay:

It's a country that's on the border so you can swim and have fun and all.

Plane tickets cost $1688.

You can see many tourist attractions in Montevideo such as museums, places of worship, wine tasting, historical landmarks.


"The weather is beautiful and the people are friendly, polite, and helpful. Most people speak enough English, and my sister and I spoke enough Spanish to get around easily and without problems. Ordering food in a restaurant is easy because most of the menu's are in both Spanish and English or they will give you an English menu. The hotel we stayed at was The Cala di Volpe Hotel which is literally across the street from the South Atlantic."- A random lady I found on review sites.

"Its museums are free, situated in old colonial houses and are crammed with 19th century furniture. It has a splendid marble lined legislative building, a series of elegant squares in which one can bask in the sunshine, good restaurants, a magnificently restored opera house, the Teatro Solis, and there are good beaches close by. It also has lots of hotels in every class from Budget to luxury. Although it has a good bus service - the main bus station at Tres Cruces is one of Latin America's nicest - it is a city one can walk round, and, provided, the eternal mantra for all Latin American travellers,m you are sensible, is safe. Just keep out of the port area after dark and leave valuables in your hotel safe. It has lots of cafes to sit in - the local beer is great and the local wines delicious. I'm going back."- another random chick