My Summer 2015

by riley seeton

Louisiana Tech ID Soccer Camp

when school got out i went to Louisiana for a very important college showcase and spent time with family friends! At the showcase there was about 20 college coaches talking and watching us play.

House sitting Part 1

Family friends went out of town so i stayed with their 3 dogs! The dogs were crazy, loud, and sorta sweet. Also they require a lot of love and affection. Everyday i took them on walks and played with them outside.

Spending Time Ava

Ava is my youngest cousin who is 2 and very energetic. She loves to eat ice cream, watch mickey mouse, and hang out with our family.Everyday when she would wake up for her nap we would go outside and eat Popsicles. Ava is a outgoing, sweet (sometimes), and love able.

Crazy shenanigans with friends and family

With multiple friends i did all kinds of stuff! I hung out with old family friends, family, and soccer friends!

Texas A&M soccer camp

During the week of july 19 a friend and i went down to college station for a big soccer camp. We slept, ate, and played soccer on the campus! The whole camp was a huge blast and i can't wait to go back next year!(:

House sitting part 2

Some of my moms friends took a trip to colorado and we went to stayed with their three dogs. Tanner, a white lab, took a lot of attention do to the fact that he is a puppy. Cali, a black lab, the oldest of the three does what ever she wants through out the day. Lola, a mixed mutt, is so sweet and loves to lay by your side all day.