Rebel without a cause


PLato's traits

Lonely- one of the reasons i think this is because he likes to spend a lot of time with Jim as soon as he gets there, and he doesn't fit in with anyone in school. Another reason is he used to run away when his parents were around, now he doesn't have dad in his life so he can't. He has a small group of friends and doesn't really try to make new ones. Another trait is that Plato is scared, When hes in the police station he is very quiet and tries to not talk to the police very much, his mom tries to talk them for him. When the bad kids find his house, Plato has a gun but he chooses to hide because hes so scared of them, but then he tries to leave and he kills one of them. When Plato runs out of the house he yells at Jim "you're now my dad!" because he doesn't want to be bossed around by him.

Rebel with a cause.

Challenges that Plato faces.

Problems that Plato faces is that Plato doesn't like to listen to anybody but Jim until the end when he dies, Plato finds himself in trouble and tries to run away from the cops and gets killed. Plato's mom doesn't really have control over him but she tries to keep him under control. I think why Plato chooses to be a rebel is because his father left him and he got a letter with money in it, he got mad so i think it wasn't good. But the good thing is that Plato's mom is still there for him in the time of need, even when he gets in trouble his mom tries to stop him when he grabs the gun.

Did he change?

I don't think Plato changed between the beginning and the end because, in the end of the movie Plato dies because prior to that he found out Jim lied to him about hurting Plato, and when he found out he freaked and ran right into the cops. In the beginning Plato is really quiet because he had no friends really until Jim came, and he still was weird when he went to the chickie run uninvited and told Judy that him and Jim were already best friends which shows he clingy since he doesn't have a dad to talk to. Plato has a weird friendship with the people in the book because he think of Judy and Jim and his mother and father.

Symbols and meanings.

When Jim got home one night there parents were fighting about things, and his mom wants to move again, then Jim yells at he because he thinks she always blames it on him that things aren't going well. Jim decides to run out of the house and go to a "Chickie run" with the "cool kids." When he gets there there are two cars ready to be ran off a cliff, him and buzz get in the cars and run them off the cliff and the last one to bail out of the car is the winner, in the end Jim thinks he won and he's trying to find buzz but he can't, Jim was upset even though he doesn't really like him since the knife fight. This symbolizes peer pressure and family pressure because his mom always blaming things on him for getting into trouble.

Being the bigger man?

I think of what this movies theme is what its like to be a man, and what it takes to do so. When Jim comes he is in the police station drunk, yelling, making noises and such, he doesn't really have respect for his parents because they let him do a lot of things. Plato and Jim become friends from the start but Plato takes it to far because he doesn't really know how to be a friend. In the end ant the mansion Jim take the magazine out of Plato's gun so he doesn't hurt anyone which says to me he is being an adult about the situation and not freaking out because Plato has a gun. Both Jim and Judy have changed because ever since buzz died they have gotten closer and the "cool kids" weren't so cool after all.

Do you think buzz would have become nicer to Jim if he hadn't died?

I think yes because the chickie run challenge would have brought them closer, and i think Buzz would have accepted the fact that Jim beat him and knew he was a real rebel. If Buzz was still alive i think that Plato wouldn't have died because i don't think Buzz would have let that happen if he was friends with Jim. I think everything would have worked out if Buzz had made it out alive.